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Kazin joins Bowie and the Shining Force after his master is killed by the Galam knights. His master, Sir Hawel's dying wish was for him to reseal Zeon away, and Kazin pleads with you to help him with this task.

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

Kazin is both the first offensive magician as well as purely ranged character available to the Shining Force. This gives Kazin a unique and helpful place on the team. His magic allows him to deal heavy damage to characters with high defense as well as deal damage to multiple characters at a time with strong area of effect attacks.

Kazin has two paths on promotion. His natural promotion path changes his class to Wizard. The Wizard class is a simple improvement on his existing Mage class. Kazin will continue to gain more powerful spells and strengthen his stats. If the player decides to use the Secret Book item on Kazin, he will evolve to the class of Sorceror. This will replace all of Kazin's current spells with a new set of Sorceror spells. These spells have the unique property of being purely area of effect and splitting their damage equally among all enemies in the affected area. This allows Kazin to have the best of both worlds, having a strong attack against multiple enemies as well as a devestating single target damage potential.


Pre-Promotion: Mage (MAGE)


  • Wizard (WIZ)
  • Sorceror (SORC) with the Secret Book



  • Blaze
  • Muddle
  • Dispel
  • Desoul


  • Dao
  • Apollo
  • Neptune
  • Atlus

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