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    Kevin Smith

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    Kevin Smith is one of the personae in the Capcom action game, Killer7.

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    Kevin Smith is a 30-year-old albino assassin who favors solitude over harmony. As well as being homosexual, he is also taciturn.

    Born in the UK, Kevin was murdered in the Union Hotel by Emir Parkreiner while working as a bellhop in 1955. After being resurrected by Harman Smith, he fought the pharmaceutical mafia in 1980 and killed the man he loved in Miami, Florida.

    The only member of the Smith Syndicate that doesn't wield a firearm, Kevin instead makes use of a variety of knives used in both long and short range combat. He also has the ability to turn invisible after removing his sunglasses, which makes him ideal for stealth missions as he can easily bypass security systems and enemies. Despite his large frame and slouching posture, he is also highly acrobatic and surprisingly fast.


    • Kevin hates heights, and loves dark places.
    • According to the "Hand in Killer7", Kevin suffers from weak eyesight.
    • Suda 51, the director and creative force behind Killer7, claims that Kevin Smith the character has nothing to do with Kevin Smith the director. He also claims to have never heard of Kevin Smith or seen any of his movies before the release of Killer7, but it is unknown if this is true.

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