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Korgan is a recruitable Dwarven Fighter in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. He can be found in the Copper Coronet, where he's looking for a group of able adventurers to aid him in finding a rare and valuable tome. Agreeing to help him with his quest will lead the party on an exciting chase through the catacombs of the graveyards, providing insight and a little background on this powerful warrior.

Korgan is a Chaotic Evil Berserker with a decidedly mercenary streak. He detests prissy behavior and anything he considers a sign of weakness, and will pick on Aerie to the point where you cannot have the two in a party together. His strength and the immunities he can gain through the Berserk skill make him a formidable warrior, but his crude, bloodthirsty personality can be a bit much to stomach. He sees a kindred spirit in Edwin (although Edwin strongly disagrees), enjoys Jan's tales, and has what appears to be a sincere infatuation with Mazzy.


- "Let's see what yer guts be lookin' like!"

- "Aye, now this be more like it! The first t' disobey me orders gets an axe in their skull."

- "Be aware, Mazzy, I've something long, hard and low to the ground ye're free to touch and fondle. Child, no need to glare! 'Twas me axe I were referring to."

- "Well, that's one fine mess that I done cleaned up. They did the killin', but I ends up with the gold, the book, and the satisfaction of kickin' their tails. Aah, a good day..."

- "Dang and bloody blast it! I swear I be thrice-damned the way ye yank me about from one place to the bloody next 'ere since we met! What does ye want now?"

- "Aye! Great! Blasted bloody wonderful! Aye, let's go take on bloody trolls to get this man's gong back... and for NO REWARD, mind ye! I've a mind to go back to yon tavern and kick his BLOODY ARSE!"

- "[grumbling] ...and they think to call this civilization! Blasted bloody humans..."

- "Aerie! Aerie! Cease yer whining! I'd swear on me father's coalcart ye were one o' them fey elves, with all the blasted crying coming from ye."

- "[to Aerie] If I wanted to listen to yer yip, ye prissy elf, I’d pull ye over my knee and smack yer bottom. At least then I’d have meself something interesting to do while ye blathered on."

- "[grumbling] ...bloody forest... damn tree-huggers and daisy-eaters... burn 'em all..."

- "Ye know, bag of tricks: ye and I are nay so different. Ye fetch awe with eye of newt and tongue of salamander, I with battle-axe and blood-lust."

- "Thrice over their graves I`ll be dancing I swear!"


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