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    Let's Make a Soccer Team!

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Mar 29, 2006

    A RGG-tinged football management with a penchant for exclamation points. It is centred around the 06/07 soccer season in 10 different countries. It was released by Sega and Konami in Europe on August 25, 2006.

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    Let's Make a Soccer Team! (known in Japan as "Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou! Euro Championship") is a football management game where the player creates and manages a football club to the top of their particular country. The game differs from other football management sims as the player is both the chairman and the creator of their club. The game was not released in North America but it was released in Europe and Japan.


    A look at the game's tactics screen.
    A look at the game's tactics screen.

    At the beginning of the game, the player must first choose a nation to create their club in. Once the nation is chosen, the design and colour of the club's kit, the team's playing style, and the club's secretary are chosen. A history of football is then shown. The game then begins at the last three games of the 2005/2006 season. A wealthy businessman, Mr. Leonard, is threatening to take over the team and strip it of all of it's assets. The player must then win promotion so they can build their squad in order to try gain promotion to the country's top division. The game then officialy begins at the play-offs for the Second Division. If the player is knocked out of the tournament, it is a " Game Over".

    The main goal for the player is to make their way to the top division and to win it. The game also have a number of conditions for a "Game Over". These include:

    • If the player's club becomes financially bankrupt and runs out of funds.
    • If the player places last in the Second Division for two years in a row.
    • If the player can not field 16 fit players for a match.

    The game then continues on until the player reaches the top. A series of cut scenes and dialogue take place throughout the game's story.


    The player can choose to build a club from a number of European nations. They are:


    Players during a training session.
    Players during a training session.

    Let's Make a Soccer Team was met with a mixed critical reaction when the game was released in Europe. Some reviewers enjoyed their experince but many slated the game. The game was given praise for it's decent 3D graphics engine and originality. Other reviewers critiqued the game's poor UI and how the game's story and main gameplay takes some time to get into full swing.


    The former Italian footballer Roberto Baggio endorsed the Japanese version of this game.


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