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    The island continent and resting place of the Sacred Stones. A varied landscape is divided into six territories from where the leaders rule.

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    Magvel is a moderate-sized continent that consists of a main island and several smaller isles near the shore. The environment, ecosystem and architecture are quite diverse, including standouts such as Caer Pelyn and Darkling Woods. Six nations with various types of governance reign over the mainland, and, with the exception of Carcino, share a rich history of over 800 years since the War of Stones. Despite the considerable political and religious differences between authorities, peace is commonplace and conflict is limited to small skirmishes.


    • Renais is a monarchy ruled by Fado, a king feared for his combat skills, and his twin children Ephraim and Eirika. It is situated near the center of the continent, bordering every other nation aside from Rausten. A peaceful and well developed country, it holds strong political ties with both Frelia and Grado.
    • Grado, harnessed by the benevolent Vigarde and his son Lyon, is an absolute monarchy characterized by it's strong focus on military and the Six Imperial Generals that command these forces. It is the largest country, occupying the majority of Magvel's south coast and maintaining an enduring peace treaty and friendship with Renais.
    • Frelia; A monarchy reigned by Hayden and partially controlled by his children Innes and Tana, Frelia is a kingdom inhabiting the northwest of the continent and best known for it's close bond with Renais, and an extensive fleet of Pegasus knights.
    • Jehanna is a monarchy under the control of Ismaire and is located primarily in the desert and southeast of Magvel, neighboring all but Frelia. The kingdom is heavily secluded and largely uninhabited due to the harsh climate and small population.
    • Rausten, founded by Latona, is a theocracy led by Mansel and his heir and niece L'Arachel. Located in the northeast of the mainland, Rausten is a religious kingdom surrounded by forests and fascinating wildlife.
    • Carcino is a democratic-republic nation governed by a council and the only domain established after the War of the Stones. It borders every nation with the exception of Grado. Located north of Renais, Carcino is a mountainous and rocky republic populated mainly by mercenaries.


    The Dark Temple
    The Dark Temple
    Long before before the Year of the Stone was established, dark and evil creatures spread over all of Magvel, leaving only destruction and death in their wake. Sometime during this grim age, the Demon King Fomortiis arose from his birthplace, the Dark Temple, and caused chaos and despair. As a last resort, mankind turned to the heavens, and in response were granted the Sacred Stones. Using these artifacts, a hero named Grado arose with his comrades and sealed the Demon King's soul.

    This historic event would be followed by a long era of harmony. The year in which the Demon King was defeated would be dubbed the Year of the Stone, but despite the catastrophic events that had passed, the past continued to fade into obscurity. The Sacred Stones were passed on and protected, should such a disaster ever terrorize the continent again. During this momentary tranquility, the republic of Carcino was formed and realized. It would become the first newfound kingdom and the only not to possess a Sacred Stone.

    Grado's forces marching towards Castle Renais
    Grado's forces marching towards Castle Renais
    Serenity was broken however when Grado, under the direct command of emporer Vigarde, invaded Renais in the Year of the Stone 803. As Grado's troops conquer ground, Ephraim goes missing in enemy territory. Unable to mount resistance against the unexpected attack from their former ally, Castle Renais is swiftly seized as the knight Seth flees the castle with Eirika under command of Fado. While seeking refuge in Frelia, Renais is occupied, and it's leader Fado, executed.

    Following a council with Hayden, Eirika leaves for Grado with several troops from Frelia in tow, in search for her brother Ephraim. The prince, unbeknownst to outsiders, has been causing turmoil outside of Fort Renvall, a strategic stronghold in Grado soil. Using the strengths of his retainers and guerilla warfare, he successfully manages to capture the enemy fortification. Soon after he is forced to retreat in light of Grado's monstrous strength.

    Re-united, they return to Frelia to assess the best course of action. It is decided that, in conjunction with Innes, they will part ways to ensure every kingdom is protected from Grado's attacks. While Eirika will travel to Jehanna, Ephraim will charge into the Grado capital full force. After his journey and subsequent defeat of Vigarde, he encounters childhood friend Lyon, and heir of the Grado throne. Learning that he was the true culprit, he also gets informed that Eirika has been ambushed at Jehanna Hall. After rushing to her aid, they join forces in stopping Lyon from executing his plan; Destroying all the Sacred Stones.

    Eirika and Ephraim sealing Fomortiis
    Eirika and Ephraim sealing Fomortiis
    After a long and arduous trek they arrive in Rausten, which is being terrorized by one of the Six Imperial Generals and former ally of the Demon King, Riev, and his army of undead. Succesfully protecting Rausten Court, they once again give chase to Lyon, arriving in Darkling Woods and entering the Dark Temple. Slaying an army of ancient monsters and ghosts, they witness the rebirth of the Demon King Fomortiis. Overcoming all odds, they defeated the Demon King and sealed him in the last remaining Sacred Stone.

    For several years the effects of the devastation were apparent, but the survivors of the cataclysm helped rebuild what was lost. Several heirs such as L'Arachel and Innes ascended to the throne of their kingdoms, bringing prosperity and hope.
    The fallen kingdom of Renais was rebuilt, where Ephraim succeeded his father.

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