Mass Effect 3

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    When Earth begins to fall in an ancient cycle of destruction, Commander Shepard must unite the forces of the galaxy to stop the Reapers in the final chapter of the original Mass Effect trilogy.

    sergotron's From Ashes (Xbox 360) review

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    It's ok.

    + Few cool moments with dlc character in the game

    + You get a pretty sweet laser assault rifle.

    + If you are really into the ME Universe, it is kind of cool learning about the Protheans

    - The dlc mission itself is pretty lame

    - Very short, can be done in little under half hour

    - Kind of pricey for what it is for ten bucks

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      The Mass Effect franchise has always had a spotty relationship with DLC purchases. On the one hand, pieces such as the Overlord or Shadow Broker packs from Mass Effect 2 were great value: pieces that expertly combined combat and storytelling; advancing the franchise in new, revelatory ways. On the other hand, there were pieces like Pinnacle Station and Arrival; short, uninteresting chunks of gameplay that focus on the worst parts of Mass Effect and barely advance the plot.In a way, From Ashes fi...

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      The From Ashes DLC for Mass Effect 3 is the day one DLC, and truth be told it might leave you wondering: Why did I buy this? From Ashes takes you back to Eden Prime where Cerberus is attempting to recover a Prothean Artifact. The artifact turns out to be a stasis capsule that contains a Prothean named Javik. The only real benefit of the From Ashes DLC is the addition of one Squad mate and a few lines of Dialogue. Though having Javik around can make for some rather humorous moments it is not esse...

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