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    Mr X

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    The tommy gun-wielding crime syndicate boss who serves as the major antagonist of the Streets of Rage series.

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    When he first appeared in the original Streets of Rage, Mr. X (referred to as Mr. Big in some videogame magazines) was a fairly generic crimelord, whose organisation was so powerful it controlled the entire city. After being brought down by a trio of police officers turned vigilantes, X returned a year later seeking revenge. To this end, he took one of the vigilantes hostage in order to lure the other two into a trap, while trying to reestablish his syndicate. Suffice to say X was defeated once more, but upon his final return his plans had gotten more outlandish.

    At this point there is a divergence in storyline between the original Japanese version and the western adaptation of the third Streets of Rage game. In Japan, Mr. X steals a newly discovered radioactive element and uses it to create several bombs, which he intends to set off at strategic locations to ignite a war. From this conflict, he hopes to make a considerable profit through the warring factions demand of the stolen element. In the western version, X aims to take control of the city by replacing key officials with robot duplicates under his control. Common to both version however, is that X has been reduced to a mere brain in a jar.

    X is probably best known for being the only person in the game to wield a gun, which he fires rather indiscriminately, often mowing down his own troops. In Streets of Rage 3, as he is no longer has a body he has a robot fight in in his place.


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