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    Mumbo's Skull

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    It is the home of the shaman Mumbo Jumbo in the Banjo-Kazooie series. It appears in various worlds and allows Banjo to transform into another creature or change to Mumbo.

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    In Banjo Tooie, Mumbos skull is not used for transformations, instead they are done by Humba Wumba in Wumba's Wigwam. In Banjo Tooie Mumbo's Skull is used to access Mumbo Jumbo as a playable character. Mumbo has specific abilities used throughout the game to open new areas and unlock more minigames for Banjo and Kazooie. Mumbo must use his magic to turn on the power at the rides in Witchy World, lift the train and boulder in Glitter Gulch Mine, make the water in Jolly Rogers Lagoon breathable, and accomplish several other tasks. There is a Mumbo's Skull in each world and two in Cloud Cuckooland. A Glowbo is required to use Mumbo and his magic.

    There is a false Mumbo Skull in Cloud Cuckooland in which resides the metalic bounty hunter and Mumbo-impersonator, Mingy Jongo.

    Mumbo's Skull locations in Banjo-Tooie

    • Isle O' Hags- Along the narrow path on the Clifftop portion of the Isle inbetween the train station and the Jolly Roger's Lagoon world entrance.
    • Mayahem Temple- Across from Targitizan's temple
    • Glitter Gulch Mine- On a hill wall to the farthest right of the main are in the world.
    • Witchy World- In the Inferno.
    • Jolly Roger's Lagoon- in the town on a small cliff across from Jolly's.
    • Terrydactyl Land- In the middle of a monster infested marsh to the left of the entrance.
    • Grunty Industries- On the 3rd floor.
    • Hailfire Peaks- In the lower levels of the fire side of the mountain, on the side opposite of the colosseum.
    • Cloud Cuckooland- There are two of Mumbo's Skull in this world one belonging to Mumbo, the other belonging to Mingy Jongo(an Evil version of Mumbo). From the cental cavern, one skull is accessed throuhg the blue doorway opening, the other is through the red door way opening.

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