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The Isle O' Hags is the hub or overworld in Banjo-Tooie. It stretches far and wide, in all kinds of terrain, leading you to the main levels. There are 7 different sections of the Isle O' Hags, each one with different characteristics. Each one features the enemies that will normally be found in the levels attached. Most also contain Jinjos, Glowbos, and Notes (which will add up to 100 in all the sections combined).

Jinjo Village

This is the first section of Isle O' Hags. It has an upbeat atmosphere and light music. This, despite the fact that all the Jinjos are missing. There are 9 Jinjo houses remaining, as the Grey Jinjo home was destroyed. King Jingaling's castle is in the middle of this area, though after he is zapped, the music turns darker around it. Bottles' house is also entered through here. His house leads to the next section.

Wooded Hollow

When you enter this, and all subsequent sections, the music changes, taking on a more foreboding tone. There are many landmarks in the area. The biggest of these is Jiggywiggy's Temple. When you collect JIggies, he will help you open doors to new worlds. Right next to that is the entrance to Mayahem Temple, the first main level. There is a crossover to Jinjo Village in one end. Heggy's Egg Shed is also located here. Her eggs hide some secrets.  There is a caved in digger tunnel to one end. Also, when you have the grip grab ability you can access the next part.


This section is sort of a middle secion. This place is rocky and open. When you walk up the planks to it, you see the entrance to Glitter Gulch Mine. To your left, is the gate to the Pine Grove. To your right, is the gate to the Cliff Top. Honey B's hive is also here, up higher. She will trade you empty honeycomb pieces for extra energy. Jamjars has also camped out here. He will teach you how to use fire eggs, which will be essential in your journey.

Pine Grove

After opening the gate with fire eggs, you can enter this section. It is filled with advertisements and signs. Straight ahead is the entrance to Witchyworld. To the left is Humba's Wigwam, the only time she makes an appearance in the Isle O' Hags. Her spell does not disappoint...but where's the Glowbo? There is also a water section to the right, which you can fully travel through once you have the Talon Torpedo move. Lastly, Jamjars is here to teach you how to use Grenade Eggs. They help you immensely on your journey, so be sure to seek him out.

Cliff Top

The other section off of the Plateau, the Cliff Top is breezy and open. There is a train station immediately there when you enter. This is the only train in the Isle O' Hags, so you'll want to find the switch and open it up. Close by is Jamjars, who will teach you how to use Ice Eggs. These are a big part of your adventure, so be sure to learn from him. As you walk further along the Cliff Top, Mumbo's house will be set into the side of the cliff. This is his only appearance in the Isle O' Hags, as he masquerades as a famous doctor. Further along the cliff, you will find the gate to Jolly Roger's Lagoon. Also, after you extend the bridge, you can walk across to the platform that has the entrance to Hailfire Peaks.


After you destroy the Kazooie-head rock in the Pine Grove, you can access this area. It is dusty and rocky. Soon as you enter, the toothy entrance to Terrydactyland looms large. Further ahead, the bubble elevator waits to take you to Cloud Cuckooland. Jamjars is here to teach you how to use Clockwork Kazooie Eggs, which are both useful in your adventures and fun to play around with. Lastly, once you are able to use the Springy Step Shoes, you can access the last area of the Isle O' Hags.


When you jump high to the tunnel, you can access the quagmire. It is filled with large pipes, and a swamp home to the dreaded swamp-monster. The run-down entrance to Grunty Industries is located here. The entrance to the Cauldron Keep also resides here, though you'll have to attain some new powers to get to it.

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