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    Terrydactyland is a barren land filled with dinosaurs and cavemen alike.

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    Terrydactyland is the 5th main level you visit in Banjo-Tooie. The name is Terry (main boss) and Pterodactyl (a type of dinosaur) combined. It is a pre-historic land filled with both a myriad of dinosaurs and rival cavemen tribes. The level is built around a giant mountain, which you can explore both inside and out. A plodding soundtrack, complete with dinosaur screeches, greets you as you try to tame Terrydactyland.

    Points of Interest

    The Mountain - In the middle of the level. You are able to explore the inside of the mountain, as well as climb the outside of it all the way to the top. Who knows what you'll find.

    Train Station - There is a train station in Terrydactyland. As soon as you find the door-button, you can use the train for transportation, both in and out....

    Dinosaur head rocks - The mystery is both what's behind them, and how to open them....

    Stryracosaurus Family Cave - A family in need resides here. Can you bring harmony to their brood?

    Unga Bunga's Cave - The fiercer of the cavemen tribes. Who knows what secrets are in their cave...

    Stomping Plains - Take the name quite literally, and take caution.

    Oogle Boogle's Cave - Everyone wants to be fed and warm, so it's no surprise the local residents want you to get them a happy meal...

    Characters and Crossovers

    Mumbo Jumbo

    - Mumbo's power in this level is to enlarge. Before the dirty jokes fly, he only does this on inanimate objects. He can make the stones outside his hut bigger for easier movement across the swamp. He can also play a little mischief on Humba, enlarging her tent. This has a notable effect on your transformation...

    Humba Wumba

    - Humba's magic will transform you into a Tyrannosaurus Rex in this level. When you first go to her, you will be transformed into a little T-Rex, which can roar to open the small T-Rex rocks. With Mumbo's magic though, you can make her hut bigger, and transform into a full grown T-Rex. This dinosaur's roar can scare even the mightiest cavemen...


    - More essential moves come your way, as Jamjars has an additional 3 for the taking
    Springy-Step Shoes - This will allow you to use the springy-step shoes to jump abnormally high. Useful in many situations.
    Taxi Pack - A Banjo-only move that will allow the bear to pick up and carry other characters in his back pack.
    Hatch - A Kazooie special that will allow her to do her favorite thing: hatch eggs.


    Bargasaurus - These bulky dinosaurs will charge and headbutt you. A quick breegull bash or barrage of eggs will take care of them. However, they will help show Baby T-Rex the ropes...
    Dragunda - There can't be swamps without this guy. Avoid him at all times.
    Snapdragon - These creatures lurk above or below grip-grab ledges. Wait, and then peck.
    Cursed Beehive - These beehives look normal. But those red eyes tell a different story. They're not gonna give up the honeycombs without a fight.
    Soarasaurus - These airborn predators fly around looking for their next meal. Keep an eye out for their dive-bomb attack.

    Boss - Terry

    You never want to trifle with a parent, but you'll have to in this case. Terry is a giant Pterodactyl, and namesake of the level. She will fly around and spit at you, so wait until your view is good, and blast her out of the sky with your grenades.


    To Mayahem Temple - In Unga Bunga's Cave. You've likely been here already, but if not, you can stop by Mayahem Temple and enjoy the treasure.
    To Witchyworld - In Oogle Boogle's Cave. Food is hard to come by in ancient times, so take a trip to the park and bring back some souvenirs.

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