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Witchyworld is Banjo-Tooie's third main level, being featured as a hazardous and trap-filled amusement park.

The majority of the level is divided into three main sections: the Inferno, Wild West World, and Space Zone, with the center being housed by a giant Big Top. The learnable techniques include Airborne Egg Aiming, the highly-recognized Split Up (which allows Banjo and Kazooie to work independently, instead of always together), and Banjo's Pack Whack attack.

In the Inferno, the player can enter into a lava-filled fire world where Mumbo Jumbo makes his residence. There is also a creepy zoo where certain new and old creatures appear. The last attraction is the Train Station where Glitter Gulch Mine's Chuffy train can travel to. There is also a high-jump platform in the area's main hub, where Banjo and Kazooie can obtain a Jiggy.

In the Wild West World, Humba Wumba makes residence in the main Wild West Hub, with a Test Your Strength game appearing on the opposite side. Inside the Wild West World's main entrance, Banjo and Kazooie can refuel the Crazy Castle attraction using the Split Up move. Both Banjo and Kazooie, and Kazooie alone can play in two games within the castle.

The Space Zone must be powered up by Mumbo Jumbo before a majority of the rides can be completed. These include the Star Spinner, Dodgems Dome, and Saucer of Peril minigames.

The remainder of the level features nasty food dealers Big Al and Salty Joe, venders whose food can be used to complete certain puzzles in the level (and other levels, in fact). Another attraction is the Madame Grunty fortune-telling booth, which can deal either positive rewards (like feathers, eggs, or even a special surprise) or negative rewards (mostly a loss of honeycomb health). Another puzzle is finding the lost children of Boggy the Polar Bear's wife, who have run off throughout the park and must be returned. Obtaining the three children rewards the player with a Jiggy.

The Big Top is run by Conga the Gorilla, who after being paid off with tickets will open the Big Top. The Big Top holds the boss character Mr. Patch.

The main power of Mumbo Jumbo in Witchyworld is Power, which allows him to supply levels with electricity for them to function. The main transformation by Humba Wumba is the Van, which allows Banjo and Kazooie to become an invincible van that not only allows the player to attack enemies unharmed, but also allows the player to pay entry fees to enter some of the rides like the Dodgems Dome or Inferno.

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