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    NHL 2K7

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Sep 12, 2006

    NHL 2K7 was the seventh game in the series released on Xbox, Xbox360, PlayStation2, and PlayStation3.

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    NHL 2K7 was the seventh game in the 2K hockey series, and featured San Jose Shark Joe Thornton on the cover; Thornton was originally intended to be on the cover of EA's NHL 2004 but was replaced by Dany Heatley after an altercation at a bar caused some bad publicity for himself. Joe Thornton was the winner of the Art Ross, and Hart Trophy in 2006 (the year the game was released).

    Presentation Features


    - Your actions in the game directly affect orchestral music played throughout the game. This could be turned off in favor of traditional game commentary voiced by what was a the time the CBC duo of Bob Cole and Harry Neale.

    Parametric Camera

    - This was a new (default) dynamic camera added to the game meant to show a more stylistic view of the ice, moving away from the standard 3/4 camera that had been used in years past. This also showed off some of the games controversial "fog" effects intended to add visual impact to the game. Many hockey purists noted that modern arenas (both professional and amateur) are specially designed to reduce fog and make sure players have a safe environment to play in.


    Many of the songs on the game's soundtrack are from Sub Pop Records.

    • Ario - "Runaround"
    • Band of Horses - "Wicked Gil"
    • The Constantines - "Working Full-Time"
    • Dozer - "Drawing Dead"
    • Green Carnation - "Pile of Doubt"
    • Grinder - "Be Me"
    • Hot Hot Heat - "Talk To Me Dance With Me"
    • Jupiter Hills - "The Fool"
    • Kinski - "Hot Stenographer"
    • Love As Laughter - "Temptation Island"
    • Mudhoney - "Empty Shells"
    • Nebula - "Giant"
    • The Postal Service - "Brand New Colony"
    • Recliner - "Can't Deny"
    • Seaweed - "Losing Skin"
    • Sleater-Kinney - "Rollercoaster"
    • The Thermals - "I Hold The Sound"
    • Throttlerod - "Big Name"

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