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    Norman Jayden

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    An out of town FBI agent who works alongside the local police department in order to catch the Origami Killer as he struggles with his severe drug addiction.

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    Character Overview

    FBI profiler, Norman Jayden travels to the city terrorized by the Origami Killer so he can assist the local police department in the serial killer's capture. Arriving at his first crime scene, Jayden gives the player a quick glance of his drug addiction to Triptocaine before beginning his investigation. Jayden is in the possession of the Added Reality Interface (ARI), a pair of high-tech shades used for in-depth analysis of clues, and presents an alternative reality to its user. Using the ARI, Jaden easily discovers various evidence, and this launches him on his path to find the Origami Killer. As time runs out on the serial killer's new victim, Jayden must properly handle his addictions while piecing together the evidence to find the Origami Killer. The player's actions will define the succession of both.

    Like Ethan, Jayden's life is miserable. He becomes a drug addict because of using Triptocaine to overcome the effects of overuse of the ARI. However, neither of these two are making his health better. His partnership with Carter Blake becomes hostile because Jayden doesn't like his methods and when he tells Captain Perry about it, he doesn't do anything about it. Because of that, Jayden has decided to investigate the case by himself. The only good relationships that Jayden has are with Ethan Mars, Madison Paige, Grace Mars, and Shaun Mars.

    Points at which Jayden can die

    • Mad Jack (shot in the head)
    • Mad Jack (hit with a metal pole)
    • Mad Jack (crushed in his car)
    • Mad Jack (punched by Mad Jack after escaping from his car)
    • Mad Jack (crushed by the bulldozer)
    • Fish Tank (while fighting the Origami Killer)
    • Solving The Puzzle (using ARI too long)
    • The Old Warehouse (while fighting The Origami Killer)
    • Epilogue - Smoking Mirrors (overdosing on triptocaine)


    Norman Jayden is portrayed by Leon Ockenden.



    Captain Perry invites Blake to go to Norman's funeral, but the latter refuses, claiming that he and Norman don't see eye-to-eye. Perry doesn't mind about it and tells Blake that he can keep Norman's ARI sunglasses. While doing some work, Blake tries on the sunglasses and is in the virtual world. However, he becomes frightened when he sees Norman, implying that Blake will be haunted by him even without the ARI.


    Norman resigns from the FBI because he is unable to solve the case. When his superior tells him that he has a future in the FBI and can keep the ARI sunglasses because there will be a more advanced model, Norman doesn't need it because he needs to get in touch with reality and leaves.

    Case Closed

    Norman is called as a hero for saving Shaun and is on a talk show. After that, he looks at a vial of Triptocaine. Instead of using it, Norman flushes it down the toilet. In his office, while making a report of the ARI sunglasses, he removes them to find out that he can still see the virtual tanks even without it.

    Smoking Mirror

    Norman is talking to himself in an ARI environment. Afterwards, he is shown in his hotel room dying from the overdose of Triptocaine.


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