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    A well respected Person in Yellow Drops, is the inventor of the sun giant and the head of the electronics.

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    Osmond has appeared in two games, Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2.

    Dark Cloud

    Osmond was one of the moon people of Sun Drop. Where he was the creator of the Sun Giant. The Sun Giant was created to defeat The Dark Genie. After gathering and assembling the Sun Giant Osmand joins your party. His weapons he fought with are machine guns, flamethrowers, and lasers. And he can fly over large pits with is helicopter backpack.

    Dark Cloud 2

    Osmond was a scientist at Luna Labs. He was one of the creator of the Ixion. The Ixion was a time traveling train built to go back to the past to allow Max and Monica to defeat Emperor Griffon. Osmand piloted the Ixion after it was competed, however unlike Cedric, the last train conductor, you could not have him as a support character.


    Yellow Drops


    Osmond is a long ranged fighter who is the only one the team that can move while attacking. He has two main types of weapons, machine guns and laser guns. The laser guns are like Ruby's weapons while machine guns can shoot repeatedly.

    Special Ability: He can fly over bottomless pits that Xiao cannot jump over.

    Osmond's Charged Ability: He has none.

    Special Items

    Favorite Food: Carrot Cake - Raises Osmond's defense.


    These weapons can evolve except for the default weapon. All weapons can be found in large treasure chests, and some are given.

    • Machine Gun - a default weapon.
    • Jackal
    • Snail
    • Blessing Gun
    • Swallow
    • Hexa Blaster
    • Skunk
    • G Crusher

    Ultimate Weapon

    There weapons are in their final evolved state.

    • Supernova
    • Star Breaker

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