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    She's a "catgirl" from the Dark Cloud series that was transformed from a cat to a girl with the key item Change Potion.

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    Xiao is Toan's kitty cat who roam in the Divine Beast Cave after Norune Village is torn apart by the Dark Genie.


    Norune Village

    As Xiao rubs him, Toan feels awkward
    As Xiao rubs him, Toan feels awkward

    Xiao is first a normal cat who Toan spots in Divine Beast Cave. During the duel with a mysterious stranger, Toan sees Xiao and blocks the stranger's magical blast. The amused stranger gives Toan, a potion, and asks Toan to make Xiao help him. After Toan completes his house, he can give Xiao the potion which changes her into a human. Xiao becomes Toan's first ally.

    Note: Toan finds her in cat form within an Atla on the 8th floor of the Divine Beast Dungeon.


    She fights with a slingshot. The slingshot's durability is treated more like ammo than durability. This is because her weapon's durability goes down by one for every shot fired. Unlike other non-projectile based weapons whose durability goes down by various amounts depending on how hard an enemies armor can be, her attacks will always lower her durability by one and only one.

    Special Ability: Xiao is the first character to join Toan on his journey. She helps in dungeons by jumping over gaps that you couldn't normally get across.

    Favorite Food: Fish Candy - Raises Xiao's Defense.


    These weapons can evolve except for the default weapon. All weapons can be found in large treasure chests, and some are given.

    • Slingshot - It's her default weapon.
    • Steel Slingshot
    • Bone Slingshot
    • Bandit Slingshot - It has the ability to steal items from enemies.
    • Steve - He talks to Xiao when you lock on an enemy. He talks about the enemies, himself, and useless things.
    • Hardshooter
    • Double Impact
    • Flamingo
    • Matador
    • Dragon's Y
    • Divine Beast Title
    • Angel Shooter

    Ultimate Weapons

    There weapons are in their final evolved state.

    • Angel Gear
    • Super Steve - He still talks to you when you lock on an enemy.

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