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Picross 2 is a puzzle game developed by Jupiter (with Creatures) and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy exclusively in Japan on October 19, 1996.

A handheld sequel to the original Mario's Picross, Picross 2 includes over 200 new nonogram puzzles, split into three modes ("Yasashii Picross", "Mario's Picross", and "Wario's Picross", the latter based on the "Time Trial" mode from the original). Along with some quality-of-life updates, this game supports some Super Game Boy features (including two-player co-operative multiplayer).

Outside of the game's beginner mode, the game focuses on large multi-part puzzles, where players must reveal large 30x30 pictures by completing sets of four 15x15 puzzles (one for each quadrant). Each of the main modes have multiple "Worlds" with an overworld system (where players guide either Mario or Wario, depending on the mode), and the overall goal of each is to unlock one final puzzle (a massive 60x60 picture requiring completion of four 30x30 puzzles, one for each quadrant, ultimately requiring player to solve sixteen 15x15 puzzles). Each World has one hidden puzzle (which can only be reached by solving others without failing) and later Worlds have more restrictive time limits. The game also includes new "Quick Picross" mini-games (where players must reveal a sentence by quickly solving 8x8 grids of Japanese characters).

The game was later digitally re-released as a Virtual Console title exclusively in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS on October 24, 2012.


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