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    Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Mar 20, 2008

    In this new Nintendo DS Pokémon game you train to become a Top Ranger and use your stylus to capture Pokémon.

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    Pokemon ranger: Shadows of Almia is the sequel to the original Pokémon Ranger game on the DS, a spin-off from the regular series. Shadows of Almia maintains most of the same gameplay as the original Pokémon Ranger, although the capture mechanic has been tweaked to allow you to break your capture circle and not be penalized. Shadows of Almia is set in a brand  new region, Almia, a mountainous region unseen in any previous Pokémon game. The player will start off as a rookie straight out of the Ranger Academy, and gradually work their way up by capturing stronger and stronger Pokemon. The player will also face off against the evil Team Dim Sun who control many Legendary Pokemon.

    Game Mechanics

    Another spinoff from the popular Pokémon franchise, the control of the game is much different from your normal Pokémon game.  Instead of being a trainer and having the ability to capture multiple pokemon and keep them all, you are a Ranger, who are like the police force of the Almia region.  You have your choice of partner pokemon, and then can have up to three others in your party.  These pokemon can perform field moves, which help destroy objects in the environment that hinder your progress.  However, while capturing another pokemon, the pokemon you already have captured can be called upon to assist you with a PokeAssist.

    Capturing a pokemon consists of drawing circles around a pokemon until you fill up a progress bar under said pokemon.  You are allowed to break your circular motion for a little, but if the pokemon isn't circled for a while, the progress bar will go all the way back to zero.  Once you have completed the bar, you are allowed to keep the pokemon with you until you need him.  If your party of three pokemon is full, you can choose to release one or the one you caught. 

    During the capture, the pokemon can cast it's abilities to hinder your ability to capture him.  If you take too much damage from the pokemon without charging your "stylus" (what you use to capture things), it will break and you will get a Game Over screen and have to start from the last save.  Once you have successfully captured a pokemon, you are given a rank and bonus experience for certain things, such as speed capturing or not taking damage.  This is added to your Stylus' level, which when increased gives you more health.

    Partner Pokemon

    Unlike in the original Pokemon Ranger, the player has a choice of their starting partner (either Munchlax, Pachirisu, or Starly), and they can acquire 14 more partners during the course of the game which are obtainable through subquests.

    This is the full list of available Pokemon partners.

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