Games I Played in 2015

List items

  • It takes a lot to get me to play 4 games in a series all in a row. Hey, Halo isn't so bad after all. Okay, Halo 1 is bad, but the rest are pretty decent.

  • Cute cookie-cutter chibi-style RPG. Good piano themes.

  • Slow-going for me. Seems to have tons of content, if I want to indulge in it.

  • Awesome intricate plot and interesting characters. Platinum trophy.

  • Really liked this game at first. Once it got hard, the bad controls and bad ally AI really showed. The story is not great, but the premise is cool. Music is fantastic, and the graphics are mostly good. Not really worth finishing unless I have finished most of my other games.

  • Tried it.

  • Finished it this year. Really a fantastic game.

  • Playing this on Wii U Virtual Console. Awesome as ever.

  • Co-op playthrough in 2015

  • Finished in 2015. My favorite in the series in some ways. The network play finally works consistently, but it's still a pain to play with friends. The story keeps getting worse with these souls games. Demon's Souls actually had some cool, but broken story-telling, but this one is incomprehensible.

  • Awesome game for 1992. Obviously a budget game, but the demon fusion is still fun, even in the original. Long game. I used a walkthrough for parts of it.

  • Awesome game, but no Metroid. That said, there are some things about it that make it better, but I don't think it was as fun as a Metroid game in the end.

  • Was like pulling teeth to finally play the last couple episodes of this. Not a bad series/season. I have season 2, but I'm not in a rush to get on with it. Not much gameplay here.

  • This game had me addicted for about 75 hours. That says a lot. Bad story and very budget presentation, but still a MM game at heart. The loot was kind of fun too.

  • Gorgeous outdoor landscapes, good soundtrack, mediocre character models for how good the rest is. Sneaking around the cursed miner area was tense, but the rest was merely okay. Clever mystery-solving mechanics, but very easy. The thing about an open world with no map is that it's confusing to think about where to go next. The story wasn't told very well as a whole, but the fragments were fun to watch.

  • Been playing this trial version on and off all year, and the Taken King got me to finally buy it. I'm really liking the game.

  • I played the MP beta, and when I could get in it was a lot of fun.

  • Played the crap out of this before the big one hit. Loved it.

  • Another playthrough in this version, and we really exhausted the content starting from scratch and putting another 80 hours into Dark Souls 2. This, in my mind is the best playing version of the series, but it will not replace the wonder and impact of Demon's Souls.

  • Great game, and I liked it so much I went straight into Arkham City.

  • Didn't finish this one, but I intend to. Much longer than the first game, and much more open.

  • Interesting strategy, but I ended up not getting into it.

  • Played books 2 and 3 and I'm still loving this game. I wish the chapters were more frequent or sold all at once instead of waiting a long time between releases.

  • Love the music, but not so much the game. I suck at rhythm games and this one didn't keep me wanting to play more. Instead, I bought the soundtrack and that's enough for me.

  • This might be fun with local friends. Otherwise don't bother.

  • Seems really great, but I don't have the motivation to keep going after about 10 hours. Might be cool if I get a second wind.

  • I had fun for the 4 hours I played it. I don't think I need to play it again though. Simple fun strategy game, but not very deep.

  • More Hotline Miami, but I got burned out on it about halfway through the game. The levels were long and difficult. The music was great, but it wasn't enough to help me finish the game.

  • I made some levels, played a lot of courses. Really awesome product with endless amounts of fun here.

  • Great game and it keeps me going for hours. I love the minutia you need to be aware of in your ship. Good stuff.

  • Still playing this on occasion. Fun simple FF.

  • Cool game, can't wait to see it finished.

  • Loved so much of this game. The stealth mechanics and shooting are really great. I love using the binoculars and marking objects and planning my attack. The open environments are nice, but where are the common folk? It's missing a lot of what makes other open world games fun.

    The microtransactions seem poorly implemented, and I don't engage in the FOB missions. The base-building is addicting, but it's unsatisfying after a while. It's clear that the base-building was meant to be a money-making plan for Konami.

    When you Fulton a soldier or item, it's very satisfying, but at the end of the day, I think the base building increases you get for kidnapping troops is not very fun because of the lack of interaction you have with the base itself. You can send your troops out on missions, but it's really not much different than rolling dice into a dark cardboard box and checking the result 3 days later.

    Speaking of unsatisfying, the story builds up a lot at first, the characters are cool, but it's more unfinished than a J.J. Abrams TV show. The ideas are clever at first, but the story becomes boring and poor by the end, with very little explained and no real closure. There are tons of different guns and items, but like in MGS4, I don't care about 99% of them. They are not needed to play the game, and in fact are less effective than most of the weapons you start with. The upgrades for those weapons are nice to have, however.

    The cutscenes are really well done, but it's clear that Konami ran out of money at some point and the story never finished. Very few boss fights. There are zombies in the game, *sigh*. I'm playing the end game missions and some of the best cutscenes are played after the credits roll. The game is awesome, but it is a mess.

  • I was really expecting to like this game. It's got a great style and premise, but it's a bad game. The controls are infuriating, and the game expects the player to be nimble by the end. It's partially a collectathon (collect 100 crystals, scan various objects found in the game), partially a skydiving game. There is a button dedicated to self-destruct because the developers know that players will fall a lot (due to poor controls), and when you fall, you're falling for a long time. There was no great payoff by the end, like a fun story reveal, just some text and credits. I was overjoyed by the end only because my frustration and disappointment was finally over.

  • Really interesting fragmented story. Needed a gameplay hook besides relying on the player's interest in the story.

  • This game isn't great. Too bad.