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Games I Finished in 2020, part 2

Rolled over the 100 item limit for ordered lists (I like to be able to see the progression through the year of games played), so onto part 2!!!

Part 1

List items

  • This was actually a pretty good remake of this game, visually and gameplay-wise. The humor still really doesn't hold up in 2020, although not in the way I expected. I thought it would be all "alien probe" jokes, but I forgot that 95% of the humor in this game is actually 50s Red Scare riffs.

  • It's always a long odyssey (ba dum tish) to get through an Etrian game, but well worth it. I blew through 80 hours (didn't feel like it though, went by quickly!) playing through the new story mode in this remake and really enjoyed it; it removes some character customization, but adds in a decent amount of narrative that is usually missing from these games.

  • Pretty fun little Breakout/Arkanoid-like, reminds me a bit of Wizorb as well. The graphical style is neat, makes it feel like a long lost Neo Geo game or something.

  • Had a hankering to replay this game, so busted out the ol' PS3 where I owned it already. This game is still a ton of fun, and probably tied with Just Cause 2 as my favorite Avalanche Studios game...maybe make a sequel to this instead of yet another Just Cause game ;) The driving physics are perfect, tons of explosions, and a surprisingly solid framerate. I also played through the DLC campaign for the first time, so that was a nice little bonus!

  • Fantastic game, loved everything about it. Will write more during GOTY time, trust me :)

  • Pretty good cinematic platformer in the vein of your Flashbacks, Princes of Persia, etc. I like the look of the game and it has a good mix of dystopian satire and general weirdness.

  • I recently learned a sequel to my go-to Halloween game was made, so I had to check it out. It is just as fun and charming as the first game.

  • A fantastic remake and fantastic game in its own right.

  • In the vein of a Hotline Miami, but somehow even more frustrating?

  • Welp, still probably the best Bubsy game. In all honesty, I like the Runner games, this one has some good level design and per-character mechanics. Still baffling that this game was made.

  • Definitely will keep playing this, it rules. Nice to get a couple wins under my belt though :)

  • Really enjoyed this, had been a while since I played an Uncharted game, fun to spend some time in a bite-sized adventure. The two leads have fun chemistry together, and I like that parts of it are quasi-open world.

  • This is just a super chill game where you basically put together jigsaw puzzles in the shapes of timepieces based on countries around the world. Simple, but relaxing. This was my go-to before bed activity on my Switch for many nights.

  • This game does a good job of taking one simple mechanic and wringing a lot of use out of it. For a game based on running around sawblade filled rooms, there were more puzzle aspects and intentional deaths than I expected as well.

  • A masterclass in genre fiction and constant wild plot twists. Loved the art style, narrative, and gameplay. I think it stumbles a little bit at the very end with bringing everything together, but a fantastic game overall!

  • Surprisingly good shmup with a neat artstyle, fantastic soundtrack, and some interesting mechanics (like being able to grab and throw both enemies and objects as well as the normal shooting). I'm honestly very surprised this little indie game has so much licensed music as well as top-shelf voice talent like Nolan North and John DiMaggio. My only complaint is some of the writing is a little iffy; they are trying to go for ultra-patriotic American exceptionalism satire, but sometimes it misses the mark.

  • Fun little game that feels like a 2D Super Mario Galaxy with some extra added mechanics. I wish the levels were overall a little more challenging though.

  • A surprisingly well made new Crash game in 2020, how about that? I like all the new mask mechanics, although the game makes some pretty difficult levels with them!

  • Really enjoyed this game, it improved on the shoddy localization of the previous game (Death Mark) quite a bit and I liked the cases in this one more overall. I love the color palette and overall art style as well. Creepy stuff!!!

  • Was in the mood for a super hero game that was not that shoddy looking new Avengers game, so decided to hunt down a copy of this. Game is definitely of its era, but I had fun with it (framerate was wildly janky though, even for a 360 game).

  • The game has a cool look, and gets a lot of mileage of its one-button gameplay (which swaps the color/gravity you are associated with). Enjoyable!

  • Fantastic game that did not get enough attention. Gameplay is very tight platforming that reminded me a bit of Dandara, but a little less confining than that game; it adds some new mechanics as the game progresses as well. Has a great look and memorable music. There's an interesting bit of the game where you can basically mind read any enemy (which are mainly grotesquely transformed humans) by attaching to their head and getting a little lore dump; I thought that was a clever way to provide empathy to these people that ended up in a bad situation.

  • Great beat-em-up. Love the look and soundtrack, and has enough mechanical depth with the risk/reward of specials using health than you can get back by attacking. Reminds me a bit of Bloodborne, weirdly.

  • Another fantastic game that I played that I feel like got no attention. Elevator pitch is basically Harmoknight on 3DS (one of my favorite games) crossed with Crypt of the Necrodancer. Basically, a fast-paced platformer where all your actions have to be on beat. And to top it off, the game has a cool art style, great soundtrack, and a bizarre yet touching narrative.

  • Fantastic game! My only complaints are a couple brutal difficulty spikes, and some overly-convoluted stuff that happens in the back quarter of the game.

  • Pretty decent Shantae game, not the best, not the worst. I particularly liked the soundtrack though.