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Game of the Year 2020

Here it is, my list of the top games I enjoyed that were released in 2020. I usually don't get around to playing too many games released in the current year. This year I was able to play more than normal

List items

  • This is one of the best games (to me personally) to come out this entire generation. I have incredibly nostalgia for the original Tony Hawk games, mostly 1-4. I probably played the original demo for the first game more hours than I have most full games. I remember sitting there with headphones on listening to The Offspring's Americana album on repeat trying to get as high a score as I possibly could. Tony Hawk 2 came by and blew my mind even more and I squeezed literally every drop of content from it. This remake of the two games blends together the nostalgia with some great quality of life improvements that make this an absolutely perfect game for me. As I type this I only have 3 achievements left to get, and I fully plan on getting them.

  • I didn't get this one until probably a week or so left of 2020. I started it up with the intent to play it for about 10-20 minutes just to check it out. Well, I ended up playing it for 5 and a half hours instead. I didn't know a whole lot about this before diving in, other than the basic idea of it. I ended up LOVING this game, and honestly it came much closer to Tony Hawk than I would have imagined any game would this year. I really enjoy the "Rogue-Lite" style games, with their being some progression with each run. This game is an entire amazing package from the look, sound, and gameplay.

  • I ended up playing and enjoying Warzone quite a lot more than I did Cold War. This became the go-to game to play online with my group of friends and family. There have been numerous frustrations with overpowered meta and glitches, but I still kept coming back. I still much more prefer the feel of Modern Warfare over many other recent Call of Duty games.

  • I have only just gotten in to the Yakuza series this year. I played through Yakuza 0, Kiwami, and Kiwami 2. I ended up playing all of these on Xbox thanks to Game Pass. I bought the HD Collection on the PlayStation 4, but ended up deciding to jump in to Like a Dragon first as they announced the HD Collection coming to Xbox early in 2021. I started this game with the English voice acting, which seemed quite good, but I just had to switch back over to the Japanese VO. This game has just as much style and fun as the previous games in the series for sure. I was originally excited about the turn-based combat, but then after playing straight through 3 other games in the series I am having a hard time getting used to it. I haven't quite finished the game yet, but I am still working through it.

  • Despite playing a ton on my original Dreamcast back when it was current, I never really played much of the original Phantasy Star Online. I dove in to this game with pretty much no experience and fell in love with it. I played this for many, many hours for sure. It has been many years since I really dove in to an MMO style game and it felt really good to dedicate a lot of time to one again.

  • Boy did this game come out at the right time. I bought a copy for both me and my wife so we could both play at the same time. We both dumped tons of hours in to the game, sometimes just spending hours planting trees, decorating, ect. I did fall off of it pretty hard, but it was the perfect game at the perfect time.

  • I am always down to play more Picross, so this was a new Picross game that I bought. There isn't much more to say about this one as you all probably know what Picross is.

  • I didn't really love the original Ori game. I couldn't really get in to the traversal and combat, but loved the look. This time around I decided to dedicate more to the sequel. I am not sure what changed, but I fell in love with this game. It looks absolutely fantastic on the Series X and seems to play really well. I love the story telling of this game with no real dialog.

  • This is one that easily could have moved up or down on this list. I haven't played it a huge amount yet, but I am enjoying what I have played so far. I still have not enjoyed an Assassin's Creed game as much as Syndicate, but so far I think I am enjoying it more than I did Odyssey. I am really liking the setting so far, and the game looks amazing. At first I was not enjoying the game as much as I had hoped, but as the game progresses it unlocks more skills which I found made the game more enjoyable. I am going to keep going with this one and see how it fares by the time I am done with it.

  • For the first year in a while I almost did not include the new Call of Duty game. I was so let down by the multiplayer in this game. The map design, visual design, sound design, and even the straight up gameplay just doesn't feel nearly as good as Modern Warfare. The game really feels rushed and I wish they would have just continued to put out content for Modern Warfare and delayed this game until next year. The only reason this even made the list this year is because I did really enjoy the campaign, which I usually do with this series.