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Genesis Classic - The "Reasonable" Best Case Scenario

Genesis Denesis What Nintendidesis.

And Sonydidesis, I guess, but who really remembers that disappointment?

Here's 40 games that should be in the package. No two lists this time, because I... well... spoilers, but I had a hard time finding 40 Genesis games that are a) good and b) not better on other platforms. Especially since a lot of "great" games on the Genesis were just inferior arcade ports.

List items

  • Did you know Disney animators actually worked on this game? Some of the best animation of the 16 bit era can be found right here.

  • Alien Soldier has you play an anthropomorphic bird alien in a body suit running and eviscerating every single enemy in your path in this ridiculous boss rush.

  • It's got 90's anime girls with jet packs shooting giant guns out of the back seat of a convertible. What more do you want?

  • The list would have to be pretty small to cut this game.

  • I mean, it lead to my (controversial) choice for best Contra Game, Hard Corps: Uprising, so it's got that going for it.

    Otherwise it's just a solid Contra game.

  • Not Treasure's finest hour, but a great platformer nonetheless.

  • Meet me in Black's Dice Maze if you want an ass kicking and then put into a throw infinite.

  • Largely forgotten in 2019, but Herzog Zwei's innovations are still felt today as many cite it as the inspiration for the RTS and MOBA genres.

  • AKA Langrisser I

    AKA that series you might have only learned about in the last few months because that new mobile game had a bunch of ads everywhere.

    It's a solid SRPG.

  • Japan-Only, but that's not gonna stop me from including it.

  • I honestly only found out about this game 10 minutes ago, but it's a platformer made by Game Freak (yeah, the Pokemon people) and I gotta play it now.

  • It says a lot about my tastes that I never even considered putting the basically-the-same-but-slightly-less-fleshed-out Super Turrican on the SNES list, eh?

  • Oh hey it's the best game on the whole goddamn system.

    Everyone should play this.

  • Yes, okay, I said there wouldn't be worse arcade ports on this list, but there are some games you just can't talk about the Genesis without bringing up.

  • There were a lot of badass shooters on the Genesis and this is probably the most badass of all of them.

  • It's hard to argue a football game from this era has relevance when the formula has been iterated on constantly for the last 25 years, but you can get around that by just not giving a shit about NFL licenses and realism.

    Now excuse me I'm going to go explode the ref.

  • A better game for a better sport, MLH is a classic arcade sports game with just a never ending laundry list of dumb things you can do in the game.

    Can't score a goal? Pick up a chainsaw and try killing the goalie.

    Need a last second catch up? Score a goal from behind half to get TWO GOALS.

    Hate one of their players? Fight them to the death.

    Players harassing your goalie? Pull your goalie and make the WHOLE NET YOUR DEMON GOALIE THAT EATS PLAYERS.

    Down 5 goals? Kill enough of their players and they'll forfeit.

    It's dumb fun.

  • Same as Mortal Kombat: it's worse than the arcade version, but synonymous with the Genesis.

  • Adorable platformer.

  • Who could resist that adorable boxart?

  • It's a classic, but that doesn't mean it's aged like wine. It's still one of the best games on the platform though.

  • Originally I only had Phantasy Star IV on this list because if more people played the best one, maybe there'd be more demand for a Phantasy Star V.

    But I needed to fill spots soooo

  • The other Game Freak game on the system. This one I have played and can confirm its as rad as it looks.

  • Fuck this mean bean bullshit give me the actual puyo puyo game that matters please.

  • It's that part of the list with the Shinobi games because they rock... and people would be upset if they weren't here.

  • The secret best Sonic game on the system.

  • Honestly if the Genesis Mini doesn't have this game what is even the goddamn point.

  • It's different enough from the arcade to warrant inclusion.

  • Hell yeah.

  • Now this is a fucking JPRG. Anime witches, robots, werewolves, squids, and hawkmen go to kill some sort of god dragon in the best SRPG on the system...

  • ...Or the sequel is the best SRPG on the system. It really depends on what day you ask me.

  • The Shinobi game that matters.

  • I was gonna skip it and then I remembered Chemical Plant Zone and, like, fuck, how could I?

  • Sonic 3 & Knuckles is one game. Don't lie to me Sega.

  • I couldn't find an argument not to put these games on here. They're popular and they're fun co-op. That's enough.

  • Fuck man, look at that Kangaroo rocking those jorts.

  • I've been playing the new Toejam & Earl game and not only am I really enjoying it, but it really makes me appreciate the original more and more. It was rough, but really ahead of its time...but, like, honestly, the sequel is far superior come on.

  • (You can substitute this for Thunder Force IV in your mind if you really want. I just like III's music more. Hell, remove another game and put both of them in. It's your mind.)

  • Criminally underrated.

  • I never thought about adding this to the SNES list, but it feels right at home here.

    I really am shocked that I had such a hard time making this list. I hold the 16 bit generation in high regard, the Genesis included. Sure, I always preferred the SNES, but I did grow up with both!

    Makes me wonder if I were to make lists like this for other consoles which ones wouldn't hold up as well as I remember...

    Maybe I'll continue these lists into the newer generation or more obscure platforms...