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DocHaus' Top Games of 2015 (that he actually played)

I've been slowly working my way through my Steam backlog and cheap, old RPGs. Even so, I found the time to play enough games to make this list.

List items

  • Quiet the character is stupid and you can see where they had to cobble an ending together while Konami was shoving KojiPro out the door. That aside, the gameplay is fucking amazing. The setting in 1980s Afghanistan and central Africa, the sheer wealth of options available to you as you play through make this the best game I've played this year. Don't know how MGO will turn out on PC (or if it will come out with the team shutting down) but the game I did play was great.

  • Very simple premise, but damn if it isn't the most fun I've had playing with people. Even converted several real-life friends to this game after they stuck with it through the first half-hour to become Rocket League hooligans, or whatever the equivalent is.

  • Loved this game, even though I haven't quite beaten it yet. This thing is hard, emphasizing stealth over everything as your enemies are increasingly well-equipped while you have to scrape together just enough equipment and resources to make it through each stage, which makes it oh, so sweet when you find a way to beat them. I have yet to play a bad Klei game.

  • It's been in Early Access for awhile, but according to wikipedia 2015 was the "official" year it came out, so it counts. A fun game where you shoot, stab, dynamite, punch, laser, or otherwise demolish anything in your way, bringing FREEDOM to faraway lands whether they want it or not, with characters that just barely avoid copyright infringement. A good throwback to the arcade games of old.

  • Part political commentary, part arcade shoot-em-up, a much funnier and lighter Hotline Miami where you try to get a purple rabbit-person elected mayor of an unnamed British town by shooting crime in the face, repeatedly. True, the helicopter/van fights are incredibly annoying and getting perfect scores on some levels mean you can't experiment like you want, but otherwise I loved this game.

  • Yes, it technically released last year, but it didn't come out on PC until this year and I actually bought it, so shut up. The story and characters are anime as fuck, and the action is CUH-RAAAZY! with projectiles flying every which way across the screen. Even so, it's the most fun I've had with a fighting game in a while, and the tutorials on fighting games that this game offers are the best I've seen since Skullgirls.

  • Another game that "officially" came out in 2015 though it was in beta for a while before that, one of the few MOBAs I've tried that hasn't immediately rejected me. I especially love the streamlined play in that I don't have to worry about items or couriers or anything like that, and the metagame for each stage happens on the battlefield itself, for better or worse (depending on who's on your team).

  • Dammit Aksys, you give the US the update to your awesome fighting game, and not even a single month passes before you crush all the hype into dust by teasing the next installment of the game (which is already out in Japan by time of writing). Ugh. At least it illuminates some parts of the story for those of us here who can't or won't buy the extra light novels.

  • It's a great fighting game, though fewer people are playing it these days. Still, you have to look past a lot of the creepers this thing has attracted to enjoy it, and why do some characters wear swimwear for a fight in the Arctic Circle? A social commentary on how the advent of global warming will make the poles warm enough that whichever humans survive the rising seas, ocean acidification, and loss of arable land will be able to enjoy balmy weather closer to the poles, forced to fight other humans for what's left to survive? Perhaps.

  • Yes, this game is dead, and I was one of 10 people who liked it, but it was an interesting game based on an interesting premise: like X-Men but with mythological beasts and gods instead of physics-defying mutant powers. The game itself was incredibly fun to play with 2v2 arena battles, filling the hole that the long-dead Anarchy Reigns left in my heart. Unfortunately, it seemed like Bamco didn't believe in their own creation enough to bother advertising it outside of a handful of FGC pros and word of mouth, or printing any of the comics from their site that could have helped others invest in the lore of the budding franchise. Even when I convinced some friends to try it, the insanely-high specs needed to run this game turned them off. It was fun while it lasted.