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Fearbeard - 2011 Game Rankings

So the year is over, but I'm not going to let that stop me from editing this list. Basically if a game I play from 2011 would score high on this list then I will add it. I still need to finish up some games that will probably rank fairly high on my list such as Dark Souls, and Rayman Origins.

Note to self: Game progress

Dragon Age 2: 20 hours in. Probably enough to give it a rank.

Dark Souls: A few hours played. Not sure I'll have enough time to give it a proper rank.

Rayman Origins: Pretty close to end. Played enough to give it a rank.

Forza 4: I'm really more of an arcade racer person so I really haven't spent much time with this game. Maybe I'll add it later, but probably not.

Dirt 3: Spent a fair amount of time with this last summer. It's been awhile though so I'll need to play some more to refresh my opinion of it, and finish off a few races.

List items

  • I still have tons of things to do in the game, but I'll just park it here anyways. I've been a big fan of Bethesda games for awhile, and this is easily their best. No one will call the game perfect, but it provides such a fascinating world to explore and updates the game with the best leveling system they have developed so far. Everyone who plays this game has a unique experience which is an amazing feat.

  • All around fantastic. Wheatley is one of the most memorable characters of all time, and the puzzle's get a nice kick with a number of new gameplay elements. The finale was completely awesome as well, probably one of the best I've played.

  • Completely outrageous and I loved almost every minute of it. I tend to get sidetracked in open world games with the missions being a secondary concern, but the mission situations in this game were so amazing I found myself plowing right through all of them. Had some fantastic understated humor in it as well, which can be tough to pull off in a game.

  • Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of problems with Dead Island. However, with a better story and a few other tweaks Dead Island could have easily topped this list for me.

  • Fantastic. The most satisfying melee combat I've played in a game. While I felt a number of the villains were underutilized in the story, everything else was near perfect. Still have plenty of side activities to finish as well.

  • Excellent game, and unique as well which moves it above Dead Space 2. I love games that don't force you to do something till you get it right and allow for failure (like Heavy Rain). Homicide drags a bit, and not always the most compelling gameplay, but this is a game that is greater then the sum of it's parts.

  • Incredible! Tops the first in every way (which was already a solid game) and adds a decent multi-player that doesn't just feel tacked on, or dilute the single player experience.

  • Probably the most pure fun I've had with a shooter in awhile. Normally the gunplay in FPS campaigns can get pretty tedious but I was always itching for the next group of enemies so I could pull off some new skillshots.

  • Tons of fun. The best twin stick shooter so far. Geometry Wars has more pick up and play potential, but I prefer the more structured approach of a game like this. Wish it was longer, but I'm gonna grab the DLC and hope for a lot more.

  • Great game. More polished and complete then Renegade Ops, but I just had a bit more fun with the other game overall. Fantastic game though.

  • Definitely my favorite Gears game. Still not a big fan of the Gears stories, but the action in the game was fantastic with a wide variety of enemies and visuals.

  • I wasn't wild about this game at first, but it definitely grew on me. Looking forward to the expansion to bring me back in a couple months.

  • There were a lot of things I liked about Deus Ex. Just a few tweaks and it would have probably ranked a lot higher on my list.

  • I did not expect this game to rank so highly on my list since I thought it looked completely uninteresting till I played it. The humor was a little low brow but it worked really well since the whole game is pretty outrageous. Act 4 dragged the game down a bit, but it recovered nicely, and if Resident Evil learns something from these very similar but far superior controls, then maybe there is hope for that series as well.

  • Short, but satisfying. I pretty much played the whole game in one sitting, and few games can hold my interest like that.

  • I really like the story and presentation in Uncharted 3, but I just didn't have that much fun with the actual gameplay. Uncharted 2 didn't bother me in that department as much.

  • There were a lot of things I liked about Rage, the shooting felt good, the enemy movements were unparalleled, and the world has a whole was interesting. I just wish there were a better and more cohesive story holding it all together.

  • I thought this would rate higher, but maybe I just wasn't ready for more inFamous. Didn't have the novelty of the first game which allowed for some of the games faults to shine through more. I still had a good time with it though, and it's a solid game.

  • Fun campaign. Doesn't really bring much new to the table, but it was still fun to play through. The modern shooter mechanics are getting a bit tiring though. The story was completely ridiculous but coming from Modern Warfare 2 I was expecting that. I lost interest in the multiplayer almost immediately though.

  • Didn't like it much at first, but the game grew on me and actually has a decent story. Wasn't wild about the loot, and limited character growth keeps this from scoring higher though.

  • Interesting and unique. Had quite a bit of fun with this one.

  • Fun, but pretty forgettable. I'm always a sucker for these types of games though.

  • Really enjoyed this, but a few things kept me from completely loving it. Collectibles were no fun to go after because you couldn't just pop into a level and grab a few, you had to go through the entire level again to unlock all the areas, and by the time you do that, you are tired of the level and the last thing you want to do is more challenges and collectible hunting. If the levels were shorter it might have been more tolerable, but the levels typically last 30 minutes to an hour. Still the base game is a lot of fun to play, I just wish it had more short session appeal.

  • Would have probably enjoyed this more if I hadn't played it right after Bulletstorm. Some awesome moments (the MAWLR fight) but the basic cover and shoot was really boring after playing through Bulletstorm.

  • I was a big fan of Earth Defense Force 2017, so I was really excited for this. This game could have been near the top of my list if it did a few things differently. Active reload was completely unnecessary but could have been cool if it felt like it was giving you a boost for hitting it, rather then a punishment for missing it. Leveling up the 4 classes separately was a terrible decision. A single longer progression system would have been much more interesting and allowed you to mix things up. Now the only way to used 75% of the weapons I find is to level up one of the other classes for several hours. Finally 15 missions was way too short, and a lot of the enemies lacked the same sort of scale they had in the previous games.

  • Wow, short campaign... usually when someone says the campaign is 4 hours, I finish it in 6 but this one was only 4 hours. Only played a couple rounds of multiplayer though which I really enjoyed. This might move up higher depending on how multiplayer I play.

  • The game never quire grabbed a hold of me. I forgot to rank this game when I finished it, and very little of it has stuck with me.

  • Fun game, but I've never been wild about the platforming in the series. At least the campaign offers quite a bit of variety in gameplay to keep things interesting. I'll check back in to the game in a few months to see some top tier user levels.

  • While I'd prefer they just make a new Burnout game, Crash was a fun little diversion. I felt some of the game modes could have been improved though.

  • I just don't think fighting games are for me anymore. I enjoyed it more then Street Fighter 4 so far, but I'll never be competent at the game. Just too many systems in fighting games these days for me to get a handle on.

  • Has some interesting things in it, but tons of boring quests, bad dialogue and a terrible framerate. Had some fun with it, but I'm sure I'll never touch it again.

  • If the AI was better, or the game gave me the ability to focus them a bit then this would rank higher. The character customization was not as compelling as I though it might be, and the shooting just seemed a bit off. Glad I rented this, as I would have been pretty disappointed with a purchase.

  • Pretty weak all around. I still enjoyed it because I have a weird love of dungeon crawlers but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Dungeon crawlers need good loot, and this game just didn't have it.