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Games I Finished in 2015

It's that time once again

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  • Finished on January 8th in 14 hours, 81% completion, tried a little multiplayer but it was just full of nonsense. Really enjoyed this aside from the initial motion sickness in the early areas.

  • Finished on February 13th in 5 hours. Really fun combat but there's not enough of it, felt like half a game, which for the price makes sense.

  • Finished my first run on Beginner on May 12th after 15 hours of playing. Still have tons left to do, but I put it on the backburner because it's something I can always come back to.

  • Finished in a couple hours on June 25th, when the online & achievements beta launched. Need about 30 more matches to have every achievement. Good luck, me.

  • Finished the single player season mode in a couple hours on July 11th. Played a bunch of multiplayer & put it on the backburner, felt like everyone was quickly getting better than me & didn't wanna take it that seriously.

  • Finished on October 8th, 100%ed on October 24th, got all achievements on October 27th. Played 208 hours total and finally feel kinda done with it. Though it's still fun to play, I have other things to play...

  • Finished in about 15 minutes on November 1st. Cute little game, looking forward to trying Pink Heaven, and maybe Kero Blaster.

  • Finished on November 17th in 9 hours. Started NG+ but honestly fuck machinegun guys. Swapping enemy spawns on restart is cool though.