Mercs 2 Commerical Making of Video

I found this making of video for the mercs 2 commercial that is running on TV right now. It has the full version of that awesomely stupid oh no you didn't song playing in the background.


Heres the actual commercial that ran on TV.


Edit: Second video is fixed now.


Braid Update #1

So I've been playing a ton of Braid, heres my progress so far.

World 2: Puzzle is done and put together

World 3: Missing one puzzle piece, its the one where you pretty much are doing a speed run to unlock a door before a sliding block cuts you off from the puzzle piece

World 4: All pieces found in stage 1, stuck on stage 2 completely

Hints would be nice, but don't give them away completely

Thanks for reading,



Can't Serve Two Masters

So here I am sitting on top of a Microsoft 1600 Point card pondering which to buy. Braid or Castle Crashers. I've played both the demos, and love them both. I think Castle Crashers moves the brawler genre foward alot, since the standard Golden Axe style gameplay was getting very stale. Braid on the other hand is much more original than Castle Crashers, and I've kinda been craving a good puzzle game lately. I imagine I will probaly buy Braid now, but Castle Crashers is a must buy after Braid and Mercs 2.

Speaking of Mercs 2 I'm assuming that retailers will recieve their shipment tomorow since its release is sunday. I'll go pick it up immediately following church, and probaly fry my face out in a huge marathon in it since monday is a holiday, and school will be potentially canceled on Tuesday depending on what this hurricane does. So I have a maybe 3 day marathon of Mercs 2 ahead of me!

Oh also, I got my Xbox back. Forgot to mention that. It seems to be working great, and is alot quiter than my old one.

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Free PC Games

Just wanted to get a couple of free PC games/services out there. I've pretty much been playing all of these while my 360s gone.

Note: All the downloadable games here are under a 1 gig download


Kongregate is a site with tons of web-based games. Its not your normal game site where everything is just a Galaga knockoff though. There are tons of intresting games like a 2D flash version of Portal and Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 (I'm a sucker for a good tower defense game, and this is one of the best out there). Many of the games have achievements built in, the servers have a chat-system that allows you tot chat with someone no matter what game they're playing, and Kongregate also has friendslist capabilities. If anyone wants to add my my user name is GalvanizedNails.

the original Desktop Tower Defense is also avaliable on Kongregate
the original Desktop Tower Defense is also avaliable on Kongregate

Free Colonization

Free Colonization, or FreeCol for short, is a fan-made remake of the popular Civ spin-off Sid Meires Colonization. Your goal here is to first, come over to the New World and establish a successful group of colonies, and then one you are self-suffiecent and have a nice sized military built up, declare independence from your home country. The gameplay is micromanage heavy, so Civ fans will feel right at home. The only thing I could ask for in this is a better in-game tutorial, and I recomend you actually read the instruction files that come with the download. Of all the games here, this one is my personal favorite, and has the most depth for a free game I've seen in a while.

FreeCol in action
FreeCol in action

Warlords Online

This game comes to you from the folks that made Puzzle Quest (original PSP and DS versions, not the many, many ports) and it just screams potential. Warlords Online is a browser based game where you choose from one of many races (elves, goblins, generic fantasy etc.) and then earn gold through a simple puzzle game. Sounds stupid right? Well, not really since that gold can be used to purchase different kinds troops like dragons, calvary, and archers. Those troops can then be taken to an overworld map where they can be used in chance-based battles to take over chunks of territory for your race. Its alot cooler than it sounds, just play it. Even though the concept is great, some players have found out glitches that let them take over most of the territorys on the map far too quickly, and territorys can change hands far to quickly no matter how many troops you assign to defend them. Like I said, it screams potential and is one of the coolest ideas I've seen in a while.

Heres a quickie, theres not much to write about it. Found at N is a platformer with tons of levls and a awesome level editor.


PSP 3000

After the news of the PSP 3000 came out of Leipzig, I was literally jumping. I was so close to breaking down and buying the PSP 2000, and then Sony finally told me why I waited it out. While not a significant overhaul of the PSP, the new screen looks absolutely amazing to me, becuase the original had such glare problems that I would end up cranking the backlight all the way, which would drain my battery in just a few hours. Look at that contrast, its pretty amazing, and extremely useful for someone like me who uses my psp frequently either outside or in a vehicle. The built-in mic is kinda not important for me since I already own a PSP headset, but I might make use of the built in mic since you dont have to plug in the PSP remote to use it.

PSP 2000 vs the PSP 3000 new glare reducing screen
PSP 2000 vs the PSP 3000 new glare reducing screen

Also congrats to Sony for making a couple of great bundles for this thing. They are so good I can't decide which to by.

Rachet and Clank Bundle- $199.99 includes Silver PSP, Rachet and Clank: Size Matters, a 1 gig memory stick, and a download voucher for Echochrome.

Core Pack- $199.99 includes a Piano Black PSP, a 4 gig memory stick, and a download voucher for the PSP version of Everyday Shooter.

Right now I'm leaning toward the Core bundle, since I could really use the 4 gig memory stick, and I wasn't a huge fan of what Sony called the Icy Silver PSP. I don't know if thats the same color since they are just called the color included with the Rachet Bundle a silver PSP. Also on the downloadable game front, I am legitmately interested in playing Echochrome, after playing the demo and being somewhat interested in it. Echochrome also seems like it just has alot more meat to it than Everyday Shooter, and from what I've heard about Everyday Shooter, its a dual joystick shooter, and those don't usually work well on the PSP for obvious reasons.

So what about you guys? Anyone else going to be picking up one of these? Which bundle will you be getting? I am probaly going to be picking up Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness with this, and I might get God of War as well. I really want to play Patapon again. My PSP broke like a few days after I bought that game, and I was so mad, and that game was so awesome!

In other news, Tropical Storm Fay has passed about halfway over me, and the tailend, which is the worst half will be passing tonight. It hasn't done any significant damage at all, and the rain has been alot lighter than what was predicted, but that will probaly change. I got to mow my lawn in a tropical storm today, and that something I've never done before! Well I guess that wasn't that interesting, but whatever.

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Tropical Storm Fay

Tropical Storm Fay will be rolling through my area, Pensacola, Florida tomorow. It might knock out the power/ internet if it picks up any more speed, so I'll see you guys on the other side of this thing.


Current Pile of Shame

For those of you that don't know, the pile of shame is what games you currently own and haven't played yet, or games you're currently playing through, but haven't touched in a while, but want to go back to.

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions (PSP)

Eternal Sonata (360)

My second playthrough of Mass Effect (360)

Patapon (PSP)

Full Spectrum Warrior (original Xbox)

Jeanne D Arc (PSP)

Phantasy Star 2, 3, and 4 (Sega Genesis, but playing them on the Sega Genesis Collection for PSP)

Race Driver: GRID


There's my pile of shame, whats everyone elses?



The Muse Post

I love Muse. They're frickin awesome, and the first band that I feel all their songs just click with me. Its a pretty awesome british band who's sound is often compared to Radiohead. And to all the older Muse fans than me out there, no I dont only like their new stuff.

This is the first time I've tried to imbed a video, so im not sure if it will work, but the song is called Plug in Baby, and its one of my favorites. The guitar part is epic.


This next one is called Hysteria, also by Muse. Its got a nice sound to it, and the bass riff in the beginning is just amazing.


Here's another Hysteria video. The music itself sounds better in this one, and the video is more intresting, but the vocals sound kinda distorted in this video.


Thanks for reading another senseless blog post!


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