Shooter Games I've Finished

Any games that required a Guns! a lot of guns, or pack of arsenal weapons, it's shooter Games.

2010~2012Metro 2033 Complete Campaign 4x***

2013~2014 Borderlands Complete Campaign 2x (All DLC) 2x*

2008~2011 DOOM 3 Complete Campaign 2x

2020 RAGE Complete Campaign 1x*

2001~2008 Project IGI: I'm Going In Complete Campaign 3x** (Sealing the game in one day) 2004 can't remember how many hours.

2020 Halo: Combat Evolved Complete Campaign 1x

2020 Halo 2 Complete Campaign 1x

2001~2007 Serious Sam: The First Encounter Complete Campaign 2x*

2002~2003 Serious Sam: The Second Encounter Complete Campaign 1x

2005 Will Rock half~way lost save file

2001~2002 Beach Head 2000 Complete Campaign 4x*

2002~2004 Beach Head 2002 Complete Campaign 2x

2003~2007 Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza Complete Campaign 1x

2020 Warpath Complete Campaign 1x (List map)

2003~2004 Global Operations Complete Campaign 1x (List map)

2020 Wolfenstein Complete Campaign 1x

2020 Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior Complete Campaign 1x

2020 Far Cry Complete Campaign 1x

2020 Area 51 Complete Campaign 1x

2020 SiN Complete Campaign 1x

2020 Sin Wages of Sin Complete Campaign 1x

2020 SiN Episodes: Emergence Complete Campaign 1x

2020 BlackSite: Area 51 Complete Campaign 1x

2020 Prey Complete Campaign 1x*

2020 TimeShift Complete Campaign 1x

2020 Left 4 Dead Complete Campaign 1x**

2020 Left 4 Dead 2 Complete Campaign 1x**

List items

  • The graphics are really good, also the gunfight cool, strange they didn't release another chapter, but MPayne filled the gap :D

  • Every day playing CS, and time to change the pace ;)

  • Like Serious Sam game. Not half bad

  • He looks like Geth! that's what encourages me to play. I love Geth and their ironic story. as FPS game, it's not encouraging at all, yet I finished and enjoyed the action scene :D

  • Surprise to know the game was in 2001! and the graphics is good, and first AI who stuck with you :p

  • Killing machine.

  • Last time I felt this impression was 98~99 with DF game. this game is great just too much great! Realistically, what to say! GG

  • A Quake* Tournament* game ..... and decent!

  • Not exactly a new game! It's like an expansion to continue the story, and it's expanded to reach the other side story. not half bad.

  • No one can beat Brock when Boxing xD

  • Always looking for hope, the last view tells much, and the game really only for the hardcore.

  • Nice game, good graphics, with a puzzle, and guns have good looking. the story is enjoyable, it deserves the second chapter.

  • 2 enjoyable games at once, the FPS, and combat vehicle*_*. Love the design of weapons, it's like all the past games Quake and doom meet together xD

  • Many cutscenes, with strong language, even the extra "secret file" explain a loot for who interest in the story, and the FPS game-play not half bad.

  • Game-play mixed with a puzzle, and there are two ways to finish a chapter; a long way and short! I impressed they thought of this at that time, not half a bad game.

  • As before, not as HL at all, not half bad life ;)

  • Good graphics and the story still going, game-play not big zone in FPS, and decade past without Next On our the second episode! I just want to say the game is not perfect, but still gg

  • Puzzle plus shooter, and a strong story, with various cool gross weapons. and no crosshair GG

  • I down a little when played some new FPS recently! but thanks to Blacksite, my morals raise high ones more, and back normal toward FPS game ;)

  • This game made before Wolfenstein! whatever, the game is good, and normal FPS, not half bad, and cool impression when manipulating time to get multi-target at ones.

  • Last chapter in zeppelin high & nice xD

  • Easy simple game, and just you need to defend the beach that's all. So that's what machinegun can do...hmm umm..good!

  • You can finish all the game on stealth mode.

  • Keep back forward and attack. some time in some zone, you can't pull of the trigger ;)

  • Never care about the story, the gameplay is enough and my favorite weapon is cannon.

  • You need to spend each gun on a certain target, no quest, no object, no story, have a fun xD

  • Another strike from Source Engine, with marvelous dynamic FPS play.

    Fighting against a horde of zombies for the first time! or endless spawn zombies and zombies evolve this time to run fast!' survivor game. bb

  • Another 4 survivors Immune to the virus! so they also carriers!?'

    Like before the gameplay is fun and zombies are more tricky this time.