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Been playing games since age four as far as I recall. Started off with an Atari 7800 and really dug Ghostbusters and The Goonies, as well as stand-bys like Donkey Kong and Millipede. Things really took off when my parents got me a Super Nintendo when I was in Grade 1. Went a bit dormant during the N64/Playstation period as I chose Nintendo's side and didn't have a lot of games to play. That all changed when high school rolled around and I acquired a Gamecube and a PS2. Been buying a lot of games ever since and own all of the major consoles out there right now. I can also play on PC, I don't understand this "MasterRace" elitist bullshit. It is another way to play games, fine, whatever. I have a Steam profile. If I had to pick one game-maker that resonates with me though its Nintendo. They've been doing it the longest and are consequently kind of the best at it.

Was a Gamespot fan back in 2003 and won a shirt on one of the last episodes of "Let's Gamespot". Really enjoyed "The Hotspot" and Rich Gallup and Ben Coello's newer podcast "Dad Strength". I migrated with Jeff and Ryan after that incident in 2007, was at the very first Giant Bomb panel at PAX 2008. Ate at Dick's on Broadway with them in 2012. Was very upset on July 8th of 2013 and gradually lost interest in the Bombcast, Quick Looks and everything else following that. I still listen to old episodes of the Bombcasts that Ryan hosted. It may not be healthy but its the time-frame when I was most engaged by game media and I really liked hearing those friendly conversations every week. Now I just don't understand how anyone can be enthusiastic about people who cover games anymore. YouTubers, lazy critics, clueless commentators. No one's opinion is any better than anyone else's. Games are maybe too subjective a media for someone to have a really compelling take on something. I used to listen to Idle Thumbs and thought they were the future but I no longer feel that way after a frosty meet-up with Chris Remo at PAX 2013. I don't think anyone knows what's happening anymore, or maybe I don't and am bitter about it. Whatever. Anyway. Hey, I played a lot of video-games growing up. I still do but don't know what to do with the thoughts anymore.