Milkaholics Anonymous

Once upon a time, Nintendo of America (and Europe) refused to let any reference to alcohol slip past the censors in order to maintain their highly prized family-friendly veneer. Their solution to getting around the problem where characters were visibly intoxicated was to have them be groggy on all manner of benign beverages, creating such euphemistic conditions like "milk high", "caffeine buzz", "getting all spry on tapwater" and "fuck you, I can quit drinking orange juice whenever I want! You aren't my parole officer!".

Of course, as this bizarre and really stupid turn of events passed into gaming lore, you'd eventually see even more games reference and spoof this censorship practice. I'm just going to list a few games that "dodged the draft" and some more games that made fun of them for doing that thing with all the booze that they... did... with it. (Sorry if this ends up sounding a bit muddled - I might've had a few sodas at lunchtime.)

[Thanks to VGK for the suggestion.]

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