Best of 2016

If 2015 was a challenge, then 2016 was a disaster - one of the most painful years of my life. And looking back, I can really see that it has impacted the games I enjoyed this year, and continues to.

It feels like many of the games I was the most hyped for at the start of the year have not had much impact on me, and I've wound up putting an early access game on the top of my list, because insanity, I'm sure.

List items

  • I keep coming back to Factorio. I keep polishing my world.

    After over 100 hours, I'm still pretty far away from completing the objective, but I find the constant polishing to be utterly enticing.

  • From the first moment with the Superhot demo a few years ago, I was enthralled. I see myself coming back to this game in the coming years.

  • Ok. Let's be real for a moment - while Overwatch isn't *my* Game of the Year, it is my strong opinion that no game has had such an impact on the industry or community, as Overwatch has.

    No other game released this year, already feels like an old friend. No other game this year has no story to speak of - but we all know exactly who these characters are, and just... based on how they behave, we know who they are.

    Overwatch is Game of the Year 2016.

    (... and I'm kind of tired of it. But, eh, whatever. I stand by my opinion above, nonetheless)

  • Puzzle game of the year? I really liked how the game looks and a lot of the things it does - the way it plays with it's own mechanics and it's world is great.

    It's troubled. But it's really good.

  • For various reasons, The Division has been an enormous part of my life in the last year. It would be difficult to motivate

  • Think of this as the VR game of the year - because that's how I finished the game.

    Electric, violent, exhausting.


    While I won't be listening to the soundtrack, I've noticed that I kind of "drum" the beats occasionally.

  • For those moments in the game that really throws you for a loop, and the pretty decent Multiplayer mode!

  • Despite being another open world game, it has a style and personality that is unique. Very good game.

  • I end up buying most Call of Duty iterations for the campaign - because brainless action is fun.

    Infinite Warfare was a nice surprise, it feels very grounded in reality, while being absolute sci-fi. I love the campaign so much.

    Overall, I probably like the IW campaign better than Titanfall, but the multiplayer in this game, on PC, is absolutely unreasonable with "time-to-kill"'s that are nearly instant. Which makes Titanfall 2 a better package.

    Pst. Ethan > BT.

  • I really want to love Mankind Divided. I hope to spend a lot more time with it in 2017, but... I'm a bit torn about it.