Great Games

   Great games are not just a well put together set of components, but also push the industry forward as well as being successful commercially.

List items

  • Simple in concept, but complex enough to remain entertaining. Tetris has probably been a part of every generation of video gaming since its creation. If that isn't "greatness" I don't know what is.

  • I'm not going to lie to those that skipped it in 1998. Playing Metal Gear Solid isn't the best thing about it. In retrospect it's probably better to think of it as an experience than a game. However it somehow continues to have an impact on video games to this day.

  • This is the burnout that got the series hot again, even I played it and I usually don't touch any car game since virtua racing.

  • In 2002 people were ready for big maps and 64 player battles to become a standard. Battlefield 1942 delivered in excellent fashion. It's also probably the template for all arcade style open field FPS that came after.

  • The history of the CoD franchise is interesting, particularly timing wise. In 2003 when the first came out it was very popular. The second game hit well but not as big on PC and slipped onto the console in time for the 360 launch. With the 3rd game everyone was in the perfect position to not care, and that's when CoD4 set its charges and blew away everyone in a now console oriented market with the PC version taking a back seat. As everyone is now well aware CoD4 replaced the persistence conventions (XP system) set by the battlefield franchise (BF2) and continues to hold that position.

  • The original team focused FPS.

  • Lasting evidence that a simple concept with underlying complexity has staying power.

  • It's Half-Life! Honestly I can't pinpoint what makes it a so great. Something tells me its less related to the shooting and more related to the narrative.

  • More research needed.

  • Simple and fun, with FX tech behind it. Has anyone tried to clone it? Also, what's up with the cover's art style XD

  • Little did we know at the time that Quake 3's ghost would linger even today. The first CoD set us upon this terrible path, funny enough people thought the SP was too short back then too.

  • Finish a 21 year old series in grand fashion and you too can achieve greatness.

  • The shift from 2D to 3D done well makes a huge impact doesn't it.

  • I think this is still the highest rated fighting game of all time; with so many "10s" you wouldn't expect that no one plays it anymore. Irony?

  • If the sheer amount of clones trying to imitate it doesn't convince you, then play it for yourself and try to hate the controls.

  • Go on, just try and hate this (I guess I actually know someone who does).

  • Keep expanding the scope of Mario on a steady upward path and this is what you get: excellence.

  • The definitive shift from 2D to 3D platforming, still holds up well today.

  • If the fact that this game is still played on a serious level isn't enough, what is?

  • Anyone that can remember what an arcade looks like and has respect for the 1CC, you know what this is already.

  • Why would I try fumbling around describing this game? It says right on the box: Action and Strategy. They are actually kept in two different rooms, but each is done in a genre defining way. Unfortunately you cant move while crouching! Something its sequel would fix.

  • Jump like you're on the moon! Also, ring outs.

  • If you're on the subject of light gun games and point blank isn't being discussed, Time Crisis II is effectively the best thing to ever happen for the genre. Two player makes it more fun than the first, excellent pacing and length make it better than the 3rd and 4th. TC II is excellent all around.

  • When it really comes down to it Kyle Katarn doesn't need a lightsaber, he punches dragons IN THE FACE. Also this game had a multiplayer and mod community big enough that it could be called "The other half-life". Of course the mod community STILL EXISTS

  • Wonder why they don't make space sims anymore? Because they made Tie Fighter and realized the genre was near completion.