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Fuck Dave Lang.

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oldskooldeano: Favorites

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  • Tight, tight controls. A design that could only have come from japan. This is what games are about.

  • Yeah I know, you're going to tell me this isn't the best FF, that's VII, or III or VIII or XII. I don't care. I loved this one. Maybe because it had those sweet PS2 graphics, but I loved the story, I did all the weapons, all the side quests. Hell I even loved Blitzball.

  • This is my fave game of all time. I love turn-based strategy games, I love Civ and I love Sci-Fi. How could I not love this. I have played this on and off from release to now. And I will play it again too. Love it!

  • I loved this game so much I ended up working on it. The Daddy of MMO's. 'Nuff said.

  • The VF games are the most tactical of 3D fighters in my view, and I played a LOT of this one. Still one of the best.

  • I love all of the Panzer Dragoon games but this one on the Xbox got a lot of replay.

  • Why is this a fave? There are better FPS's but something about this was compelling. Plus it had Deathtank. A Saturn classic!

  • Happy times with this one. I seem to remember it took 20 minutes to take off and fly to your target before any action. Actually the best results were when there was no action. Take-Off, fly undetected to target. Destroy target and get home before the enemy even knew what was happening.

  • Seminal.

  • PC gamer rewarded Incubation: Time is running out with "Best Turn-Based Strategy Game of 1997". I agree.

  • A CORPG? An MMO? Who the fuck cares? 'tis awesome.

  • The sense of wonder as you entered a huge cavern. The sense of fear when a T-Rex comes roaring at you. The sense of joy from playing this great game.

  • Why oh Why has this never had a remake? Brilliant Rare stuff!

  • A tuff guy fighting game. One hit, death. Yeah. Take it.

  • The first RTS? Me and my friends didn't know what RTS meant back then but we played this. A lot.

  • Construction Complete!

  • I did it! Without a walkthrough! Go me!

  • Proved that Flash gaming can be incredible. Led to Machinarium.

  • Now I can go here! Now I can do that!

  • So good

  • My Favourite Zelda. Better than OoT, better than link to the past. For me at least.

  • My favourite Ridge Racer was err.. Rage Racer. With a negcon it was brilliant.

  • Such a well styled and playable sports game. So much fun. The characters are such arrogant pricks! I love them!

  • I'm sorry, this has to go in. I have never, and I mean never, put as many hours into a game as I have this one. That includes all my MMO's, Virtua Fighter training. Anything. I've made some good friends through this too. I think it's kinda special.

  • I was the first Master Dancer on our server! I was the cutest Cantina Dancer you ever met and the Mayoress of a City. True Story.