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List all the things (PC shooters)

This is a list of all the PC shooters I've played a substantial amount of. I either beat the SP or played a LOT of MP. WORK IN PROGRESS.

List items

  • Beaten 8 times and one of the first games I really played a ton when I was a kid. I remember playing the demo maybe 30 times because of how new and amazing it was.

  • Notable for adding deploy-able MG's and tanks in MP long before W@W did it worse.

  • The most perfectly balanced CoD game. MP needed very little tweaking to become competitive. SP was epic and even better than 1.

  • What's to say, my favorite Call of Duty and definitely the one I put the most hours in. I still play it from time to time and "All Ghillied Up" is probably one of the best missions in the entire series.

  • The best thing I can say about W@W is that it was a pretty good CoD4 mod. Nothing they changed really stood out and the only thing it did interestingly was zombies and co-op in the campaign.

  • Still the best game to just jump in and play against bots with friends. There's just something about how silly everything is and the pure fun this game creates.

  • All the new vehicles that were added were a blast to use but ridiculously hard to master.

  • Simply incredible. The best battlefield game for large scale combat and teamwork. Still playing some of the mods that people have made for it.

  • Surprisingly good given it's console roots. Weapon design was questionable but a pretty good infantry shooter to bridge the gap before BF3.

  • So much love/hate with this game. I love most of the things they improved but I hate all the crutches they added into the game and the map design of a lot of the vanilla lineup. Overall great but DICE is getting away from what made their games unique and enjoyable.

  • Still the best pure shooter ever made in my opinion. Every weapon feels just like you want it too. The little touches like single fire mode being slightly more accurate and using a slightly different sound. The end is disappointing (as Crytek seems to have trouble with that) but everything else is just incredible.

  • A diamond in the rough. Missions were bad, AI is erratic at times, and excessive driving all marred what lie underneath. Once you have a the full armory of weapons and stop worrying about missions that make you drive everywhere just to drive back, the game comes into it's own. I have a save made with everything purchased and only the last mission that takes you to the point of no return left just to enjoy what this game did right; free roam in a shooter. Just driving/exploring the large world with no goals is liberating for a shooter and all the weapons you get to play with just put it over the top.

  • Almost as good as Far Cry, the suit makes the game one of the greatest. I love almost everything about this game (except the ending but to be expected with Crytek). The only thing I wished they had done is added more types of assault rifles/smgs.

  • Still good but not quite as fun or replayable as the original. Most of the new stuff was kind of meh.

  • I'm counting this as a shooter because that's how I treated it on my first playthrough. Not much to be said other than it's one of the best story-based games I've ever played.

  • Again, I'm counting this as a shooter because that's how I played it as a hunter. Incredibly fun and proved that there is a way to hybridize shooters and RPGs beyond unlocking things.

  • Pre-Call of Duty days, this game was the best WWII game you could play.

  • Severely underrated game that I almost dismissed as well. Played properly on the highest difficulty setting (which gives you damage increase as well as enemies), it's more of a survival game with a great story and world to learn about. There's definitely some issues with stealth mechanics but the rest of the game was incredibly refreshing.

  • See UT2k4

  • Too much fun. I had a blast playing LAN vs bots or even singleplayer vs bots. Bombing Run and Assault were incredible and I wish other games would pick those up in the future.

  • For pure DM and Onslaught mode it was great but it removed a lot of the fan favorite modes/maps from 2k4.

  • The whole series obviously is great. Blue shift is the only one I haven't beaten a ton but that's mostly because Opposing Force is just so much better.

  • Between playing MP and SP on PC by myself and co-op playthroughs on Xbox, I've put a ton of hours in. I've barely touched the rest of the series and probably never will beyond beating their campaigns with a friend. To me, the discovery of the universe and the relative openness were what made the game great and the later games fail to capture that.

  • Incredibly fun and deep for it's time, I wish the series had stayed true to it's tactical route instead of becoming more generic and forcing you to only control one character.

  • This expansion had a lot more atmosphere due to the setting and the weather. Really enjoyable.

  • Good but a little on the bland side. Some missions were more of a race against the clock and weren't as enjoyable.

  • Even though it isn't really Rainbow 6, still a pretty fun tactical game and terrorist hunt will never get old.

  • Good but the SP campaign was awful compared to the first. Terrorist hunt still great.

  • Played all the games except Splinter Cell 2 which had a poor PC port and isn't even on Steam so I doubt I ever will. Almost played more like puzzle games in a way (other than Conviction of course).

  • Once patched (gigabytes and gigabytes of patching) a pretty good game. Unfortunately the launch went so poorly that it never retained the playerbase to sustain any momentum. Still, it did a lot of things very smartly and I would pick it back up in a heartbeat if it had a decent playerbase.

  • Warrock was an interesting game. It tried to at times, be both Counterstrike and Battlefield. It was just crazy and addictive enough to keep you playing and I put hundreds of hours in. Guns took skill to use and it had a good variety of playstyles. Even with quite a few hackers, was still extremely fun.

  • I played this for a few months and eventually quit. While it tired to copy CS style gameplay, the balance was horrendous and the currency system basically forced you to start a new character if you wanted to try a new gun.

  • Played for a little while and didn't enjoy it much. Guns didn't feel right and movement was clunky.

  • Started in closed beta and seemed promising. Then open beta came and nothing was improved. New maps were added that had the worst design I've ever seen. A real pity as the game was fairly solid but map balance and weapon balance died shortly after launch.

  • Good game, no community :(