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My Favorite Video Games

These are my favorite games of all time. This list may change over time but for now these are my current favorite games of all time.

I try to limit it to one per franchise but there are some exceptions.


  1. Franchises that have smaller franchises like Mario and the RPGS, racing, party, etc.
  2. A franchise that has a spin-off that plays different from the main franchise like Fire Emblem & Legend of Zelda.
  3. I will only have one numbered game in franchises that have spawned their own franchises. For example, Persona 4 & 5, along with Final Fantasy VII & XIII have spawned their own little franchises really. I won't have both Persona 4 & 5 on the list. Just one of those games. Other wise this list would have like 2 numbered Persona games, 3 numbered Final Fantasies and I have another list that ranks my favorite JRPGS anyway.

List items

  • This game is incredible. Having a bunch of characters from different franchises from Mario to Persona be in one game to beat the crap out of each other is incredible. The music, the stages, the Classic Mode having so much detail with each character its amazing, incredible.

  • I was beyond excited for this game when it was announced. I was glad to see Dante again in his later years, seeing Nero again and the rest of the DMC crew also V was a interesting character to play as. Just the trailers showing Dante having trouble with Urizen got me excited. Who is this demon giving Dante, one of the most badass characters in gaming, a hard time to kick his ass in Devil Trigger, his super form basically, and breaking his sword. & that's what happens in the prologue. Nero, the young hero from 4, lost his arm now having a robo-arm and no access to Devil Trigger and losing the Yamato, the sword that belonged to Dante's brother Vergil from 3 and was trusted to Nero at the end of 4. I couldn't stop playing this game when it came out. I was happy with the game became one of my favorites, made references to other games. I read some where that this game would wrap up the Sons of Sparda storyline and if that's the case, I'm satisfied with how it ended.

  • Zero 3 is my favorite out of the whole collection. It's a fun game, has an interesting story and has really refined the game play that was built with the 2 previous games. I have the Zero/ZX Collection on the list instead of Zero 3 itself mainly because I like the box art more than Zero 3 box art itself.

  • I have two Castlevania games on this list for 2 reasons: 1. This game is part of a different continuity than Lords of Shadow, 2. Giantbomb has Lords of Shadow listed under Castlevania & Lords of Shadow so they're kind of their own things.

    This was my first Castlevania game and the one I had the most fond memories of. Playing as Soma, getting the monsters abilities, it was awesome. I have played the DS games Castlevania games, making my way through Symphony of the Night but for now DoS is my favorite of the original timeline.

  • I loved the first game and playing this one was a ton a fun to play on switch.

  • A game about super heroes in a fighting game that doesn't suck, story is pretty awesome and is made by the same people who made MK 2011. I loved playing Injustice: Gods Among Us and after how the original ended I was beyond curious where they would take the story and it did not disappoint. It still sucks that Superman is kind of an asshole, for good reason, but on the bright side in the first game everyone had 2 costumes: 1 unique costume from one universe and the other costume being labeled Insurgency (Good Guys) or Regime (Bad Guys). So at least somewhere out there in a another universe Superman is still good, but it is more interesting to see Superman as a villain so I can get that. I do like how the MK characters make some reference to MK vs DC Universe. I do want NetherRealm Studios to make MK vs DC Universe 2 with how far they have come making fighting games it be crazy.

    Also as a side note, there are some ending I want to see be implemented into the games story or comics or something like Sub-Zero's ending where after MKX Sub-Zero got sent to Injustice and helped Batman with Brainiac and joined the Justice League and helps the heroes out with training ad defending the Earth. I would love to see an Injustice comic or story that was about Sub-Zero's time with the Justice League.

  • I'm really loving this game. The story is great, the gameplay is fantastic and out of the handful of Spider-Man games I played this one was Amazing, Spectacular, and other super positive adjectives I can't think of right now. I LOVED all the costumes were a cosmetic thing and the suit power can be used on ANY OTHER SUIT. Like Iron Spider Arms being used on Spider-Man Noir suit. I wish other games can take note were a costume is just for show and any ability that it may have can be used outside that suit. I played games where I loved a power or ability but the suit or costume not so much.

  • Path of Radiance was my favorite Fire Emblem game for a while but when I got this & started playing it, this game became a favorite of mine.I like the story, the characters & I get to recruit some of my favorite characters from previous Fire Emblem games like Ike! My only problem is that some of the classes in the game lost some of their abilities to use certain weapons like Generals using Swords. That kind of bugs me but overall I really like this game.

  • This game was something else. I had a ton of fun playing this game as Kassandra. After playing Valhalla, they were things in Odyssey I loved and in Valhalla there were things I loved to. I put Odyssey on the list because as much fun as it is to play as Evior and beat the hell out of someone, I just loved Kassandra as a character more.

    Things in Odyssey I loved: Kassandra, Bird Companion, the story, being able to equip a set at once, multiple layouts, the meters that allowed me to use skills

    Things in Valhalla I loved: The Equipment upgrading system, how strong I felt, how to upgrade skills.

  • Persona 5 was the Persona game that got me interested in the franchise. There was just something about that made me want to pick it up.

  • The game finally came in out in 2019. I first heard of the Kingdom Hearts franchise on a commercial for Chain of Memories. Played loved it. Played 358/2 days enjoyed it, played Birth By Sleep, loved it, and played Dream Drop Distance and enjoyed it. I hadn't played 1 & 2 til last year on PS4 and played all the games on the collection and watched the movies. When it came out, I was having so much fun playing as Sora again, being able to understated the story when they made a reference to one of the earlier games. I was glad whenever they did make a reference. There are things I wish they did a bit differently like having multiple playable characters like in BBS & DDD, maybe show some things and fighting some characters more than once but other than that I really loved how the game played it and the ending I was happy with. It made me laugh, I was bummed, I was happy I wanted more and am curious to see what Kingdom Hearts title comes out in 2040 or something.

  • I really liked MKX for it's story, The Predator, Tremor being playable, the variations were interesting although for some variations, not a fan of the look.

    With MK11 it got pretty epic with the story, had a lot of memorable and funny moments. I had no idea where the story would go and I was curious about where the story would go after MKX's ending. & I was not disappointed. One of my favorite parts was Kung Lao making a comment about someone being out of someone's league. I also loved how Johnny Cage developed as a character. I'm not a fan of playing him, but I love where his character has gone from being a Hollywood douche to a respectable character.

  • Then Lords of Shadow came along and I feel in love the game. The ending was a surprised. I love this game, in this game, Dracula, the series main antagonist becomes the main playable character. I like the Lords of Shadow version of Dracula & Alucard, the gameplay is great and I like the story.

  • I really liked Arkham City but I had a blast playing Arkham Knight. I think part of it was running around in a crazy version of the Batman Beyond suit, having some side-quests were you can play as The Bat Family like Nightwing, Azrael, Robin and Catwoman.

  • The combat was pretty fun. Mixing the weapon triangle, some spells and the classes from fire emblem with the magic and turn base combat from Shin Megami Tensei was a cool combination. What was really fun was the sessions attacks. Sessions are this games version of once more/follow up attacks. Hit an enemy's weakness and everybody will jump in making combat so much more fun. The weird thing about this game is Fire Emblem characters from Shadow Dragon or Awakening turn into the casts personas to help them with saving the world and their idol career. Yes Fire Emblem war heroes come back to the present to help the cast be better actors and signers. Sounds ridiculous I know but its a fun game trust me.

  • This is a fun Dragon Ball game. I liked how powerful the characters felt when I punch or fired a Kamehameha on Frieza, Cell, and Buu. The side-quests were fun little stories helping the cast with something. The characters you play as full time is Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo and Future Trunks. You play as Gotenks and Vegito for a fight against Buu. Characters like Krillin, Tien and Yamcha are support characters only.

  • I picked the first game up because the box art looks cool. I played it and I ended up really enjoying it. It's very cool to play as the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse.

  • Battle Network 3 was my first Mega Man. I first heard of Mega Man in Mega Man NT Warrior. It was either that or Nintendo Power but NT Warrior comes to mind first. & the first game I played was Battle Network 3 Blue because my younger brother had it and then I got White. The game is fun, cool story, pretty new player friendly to me. I was confused a bit when a character from 2 showed up but I did have a lot of fun with this game. Although later games added some cool features like being able to play as other characters, double soul, turn into a beat, exploit the hell out of the Navi Customizer I have more found memories and enjoy playing this game more. I do hope later down the line Capcom releases Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection so I can play Battle Network 1 & 2.

    My major complaint is that you need both White and Blue to 100% the game like Pokemon. You get a star for completing certain objectives like beating the game, beating a secret boss and 3 of the stars you need requires the other version of the game. You can get 5 stars then input a code to shrink the stars to make room for two more stars. The 5th star you need is for getting all 85 Mega Chips. Each game has 81 Mega Chips. The last four come from version exclusive bosses Mist Man in White, Bowl Man in Blue. Each boss has 5 versions, 4 mega chips one giga. You need to trade Mist Man chips to Blue and trade Bowl Man chips to White. If you don't have a friend who has a different copy or have both copies of the game, you can't 100% the game.

  • I loved the first Dishonored game for being able to play as I like and the powers were cool. The sequel is amazing being able to play as Emily who has her own powers or play as good old Corvo. I've been playing as Emily and her powers are so much fun to use. I prefer Blink to her Far Reach but her Domino power is real useful for taking out multiple guards. Link them up, knock one out, they all go down. But it is a scary power. The idea of linking someone then shooting one guy and three other guys drop dead cause one guy got shot. I'm curious how that would look on an autopsy.

  • This was my favorite Luigi's Mansion game by a mile. I love the new additions they added to the gameplay. Being able to slam ghosts when I was sucking them up in the vacuum made dealing with the ghosts much easier and more fun.

  • I played this on switch after it went through a few updates and my god this game was fun and refreshing for me to play. This game is a lot like Dawn of Sorrow and Order of Ecclesia with being able to beat enemies and get a shard allowing you to use spells or boost your stats, It was refreshing to me because the games I were playing before this were long rpgs like Persona 5 Royal, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, it was just nice to play a metroidvania game again after not playing one in a while, which I think it was Super Metroid on the SNES online thing on Switch in mid to late 2020 and I played this sometime in April-June of 2021.

  • I bought the Mega Man Legacy Collections and 11 on Switch and have been going through all the original Mega Man series except Mega Man and Bass. 11 is by far my favorite. I like the modern convinces like being able to save without a password, being able to choose to leave a stage whenever, being able to buy upgrades like auto-charge, Beat, and E-Tanks. The levels are a challenge like the previous entries, the robot masters look more interesting and the story is interesting. The story adds more info about Dr. Light and Dr. Wily's history with each other. I do like that in this game when Mega Man gets a robot master's weapon, his arm cannon and head change appearance aside from Mega Man getting recolored like if he was in a fighting game. It reminds me a bit of Battle Network Mega Man when he got Double Soul or the Cross System. I do wish Proto Man and Bass were in the game. They were playable and 9 & 10, well Proto Man was in 9 and Bass was DLC in 10. I do hope this game was successful so another Mega Man game can be made, whether it be Original Mega Man, a new X game, or a ZX sequel.

  • I played the 2016 & Eternal and I love both games but I do like this game's story a little better. I do really like the Ancient Gods DLC which helped put Eternal on the list. I like some of the additions that were added to the game like the Grenade Launcher, flame thrower, THE SWORD. I do miss the Super Shotgun upgrade from 2016. It's upgrade was allowing the Super Shotgun to be used twice instead of once.

  • I played the X Legacy Collection

  • I bought Gears of War back in 2010. I played for a bit but it didn't click. I tried it again after a decade, during the pandemic and I did enjoy it a bit more but wasn't sure I was going to play more of the franchises. Then around June 2022 I wanted to play more Xbox exclusives since I hadn't found a lot of exclusives I wanted to play. I started thinking about Gears of War and thought I played the first game and liked it enough maybe I should play the next one. I waited until after June 12-13, 2022 to see if Xbox would announce a Gears of War Collection like the Halo: Master Chief Collection but they didn't so I got game pass and started playing GoW 2. Then I beat 2 & started 3. I really liked both games and it was difficult to pick which one to put on here so I went with 3 since it was the finale for a bit. I did liked how it end. It was a nice solid ending.

  • At least 2 Dragon Ball Games are going to be on this list. An RPG and a fighting game. I was worried when this game was annouced because I thought it would suck because it's an anime game and those kinds of games go from enjoyable to stay away. This game knocked it out of the park to my surprise. But then I got nervous about playing the game. But once I started playing the game I got decent enough to play the game. & I enjoyed playing the game, playing as Vegito, Gogeta, Hit and all the rest of the DB characters.

  • I really enjoyed this game.

  • I wasn't excited for Shovel Knight when it came up. When it came out on the 3DS, I bought it, checked it out and I really liked it. SO when Specter of Torment came out, I was in love with the game. I loved playing as Specter Knight. He was a cool, fun, and interesting character to play as.

  • My first Mega Man X game. I had a ton with the cast aside from X, Zero and Axl even though when I was younger I ended up using them in the party for the rest of the game. I had a ton of fun using Spider, Steel Massimo, Marino and Cinnamon. Spider with his cool card throwing action, Massimo being a massive powerhouse with his action trigger shooting a giant laser, Marino with her speedy Hyper Mode and Cinnamon being able to heal the party. X was fun to use with his usual buster, charge shot and later charge collider. Zero with his action triggers being able to pull a barrage of crazy slashes and Absolute Zero being able to beat the enemy up pretty badly with the action commands that show up. He can hit people with his claws or kick them. Zero's second hyper mode turns him into a vampire. Axl turns into the bosses which most of the attacks hit all the enemies.

  • Own Soul Silver