Games I Played in 2010

Ok, so it's a little premature but here is where I will be cataloguing all the games that I play during 2010 as part of my new years resolution.
Bring on the Future! Bring on 2010!

List items

  • Started the year by playing Tekken 6, all Scenario mode, all characters through arcade mode.

    Not a bad game, just not great either. Solid fighting system but Scenario mode was a real drag.

  • Originally Played in 2007 and didn't really enjoy it at all, in the run up to ME2 however I really felt the need to give it another shot. Such a great game this time through and when I get some free time I'm going to invest another 40 hours into ME2

  • Amazing graphics, pretty decent story, awful gameplay. Sort it out Square-Enix.

  • Amazing narrative experience, just wish it had a better lasting appeal.

  • Pretty crazy game, awful story but it's not really about that... good for when I just want to kick back and blow shit up.

  • This was the first time I realised I'm actually ok with ken... bizzare.

  • Just the Demo so far, but I'll be getting this early and ripping it up till Read Dead Redemption hits.

  • Rockstar continues it's trend of making incredible games.

  • The worst game I played all year so far. 1/5

  • Meh, not bad.