Games played in 2017

Here are a list of games I played in 2017! (Due to be abandoned mid feb at latest lol)

(I'm not including stuff I started last year, such as Hitman, Final Fantasy XV and Pokémon Moon etc.)

List items

  • 5/1/17

    Missed this last year and decided to jump in when I bought my new PC. Love it so far, feels like the good old days of TF2

  • 15/01/17

    I thought this game looked interesting at launch but left it, especially when I heard that it was 'OK' at best. After hearing about the improvements made towards the end of last year though I've been wanting to give it a try.

    I'm struggling to really say how I feel about it tbh, it's kind of boring, but interesting. The combat feels realistic but at the same time all the enemies are bullet sponges. Basically... it's 'OK' just a way to pass the time. As of writing this I'm level 18, maybe I'll keep going?

  • 15/01/17

    Ask anyone, I was originally more excited for this than Final Fantasy XV, but after playing the truly shocking demo I went as far as to cancel my preorder. The gameplay made little sense and wasn't much fun, the dialogue was so cringy and bad that I actually felt angry listening to it.

    Well, I guess not everyone got that message because I ended up getting it for Christmas, and I'm really glad. I'm actually having a lot of fun with it. the dialogue is still incredibly cheesy at times, but the game is 100% aware of it, and even makes fun of the awkward situations the main character talks himself into often. (Having a princess awkwardly call someone 'dude' is a nice little touch you won't find in most self serious JRPG's)

    I'm still early days with this, and the combat is still not the most interesting but I'm enjoying it :)

  • 28/2/17

    I've loved this series from the very start, and though I've yet to jump into Yakuza 5 (and am super excited for 6) I had no idea how much of an impact this being on PS4 would have.

    A real solid GOTY contender here already.

  • 5/4/17

    Really enjoyed this, only a few minor issues stopped this from being perfect for me.

  • 7/3/17

    Neat little brawler, not bad for free!

  • 16/2/17

    Actual traaaaash

  • 14/2/17

    The things we do for trophies...

  • 1/2/17

    The movie in here was the usual uninterpretable garbage that the story of KH has sadly become, but the 0.2 game was really exciting and shows a lot of promise for KH3. Not started D3 yet.

  • 25/1/2017

    Ok I guess, I enjoyed the premise at first, but as the story got more fantastical I got less interested, I would of happily just lived through his super mundane life throughout this, but it's a video game, so you've always got to end up escalating to saving the earth eventually.

  • 7/1/17

    As a huge fan of Journey I enjoyed this, not quiet as impactful personally but still a nice experience.

  • 16/3/2017

    Picked this up in a sale for the pure nostalgia, glad I did. Despite it's age it's still a lot of fun and still has a great soundtrack I was humming for days.

  • 29/3/2017

    Enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would, fantastic music and great gameplay that really feels like you are improving as much as the character. My only gripe is the status effect enemies towards the end of the game get a bit much.

    ... That and it's really embarrassing to play on a train!

  • 30/3/2017

    I fell behind on COD for a few years so decided to catch up. I rarely care about the multiplayer and the story, while OK at points, fell apart at the end in such a crazy way that I felt like it made the whole thing worse as a result. Meh.

  • 31/3/2017

    I've not finished this one yet, but I'm already enjoying it more than BLOPS 3. The combat feels snappier and fairer and I'm weirdly enjoying having free reign of a ship and choosing which main/side mission to take on next. It's the closest this series has come yet to an FPS Mass Effect.

  • 6/4/2017

    A surprisingly bad Need for Speed game. The basic concept didn't really gel with me. The idea of losing all your XP if you don't constantly return to bank it isn't that great. I cut it some slack for being the first current gen NFS though.

  • 9/4/2017

    After the disappointment of 'Rivals' I wanted to go back and see what the previous game was like and I was really happy with it. Most Wanted was a lot of fun although it also felt very short, I managed to rush through the campaign in about 6 hours.

  • 19/4/2017

    Assassins Creed 3 is one of the most disappointing games I've ever played. So it took me a while to get around to playing Liberation. It was OK? Not great, not terrible. I imagine the HD version is more fun as the Vita version had some performance issues.

  • 27/4/2017

    I actually did some play testing for this game back in the day, it goes to say something of it then that I really didn't remember very much of it. It was OK? I guess?

  • 10/5/2017

    I've been a huge fan of the Persona series since first playing Persona 3 on the PS2, my love for the series only grew more fanatical with the now legendary Endurance Run so from the day this game was announced, I knew it was going to take up a lot of my time.

    And it did, I played almost 120 hours before seeing the credits roll and was filled with only two feelings, a genuine sadness about not being able to spend any more time with the friends I had made in the game, and a curious longing to start a New Game+ play through immediately.

    ... I've not bitten on it yet, but I wouldn't be surprised.

  • I bought a Switch for this game, and while I enjoyed it, I can't help feel it was over hyped by a lot. I'm happy to see Zelda catch up to modern gaming, but other than that... it's OK?

    Maybe I just need to put more time into it?

  • 12/5/2017

    I've been playing Borderlands 2 again recently, so I was a little excited to get a chance to finally play this when it was available for free with May's PS+ and it was a lot of fun, the story was engaging and funny and the characters grew on me more and more as the season went on. I can only hope some of the style of this game rubs off on the eventual Borderlands 3 which has always felt a bit one note for my taste.

  • 15/5/2017

    I loved the art style and the concept of this game and it's world more than I was expecting going in, and while it does definitely fall into the category of 'crazy adventure game logic' for some of it's puzzles a little too often, I still had a fun time with Deponia.

  • 17/5/2017

    While this game is beautiful, and has a really great soundtrack, I was incredibly bored by this super pretentious and simple game. It never felt good to play and very few of the stories felt engaging or realistic to me.

  • 04/02/2017

    An amazing and emotional story, let down somewhat by some odd AI issues and some shockingly bad (occasionally) level design.