Games I Played in 2014

Games I spent significant time with in 2014. I'll try to order these as best as possible, but to start out it's just going to be "in the order I remember."

List items

  • It's not nearly as balls-out insane as the first one, but it's crazy enough, and the action is just so perfectly...everything. The primary reason I bought a WiiU, and I have no regrets.

    I finished it, though I didn't Platinum all the chapters or play above Normal difficulty.

  • I don't think the Batman combat is as well done as the actual Batman games, but once you get a few powers under your belt it's still good fun.

    I didn't finish it.

  • I'd always held irrational negativity towards this series; between the Disney stuff and its fandom, I found it hard to like. But I gave it another chance this year and loved it. It isn't great at any one thing it does, but I appreciate its kitchen-sink approach. For the time it came out, it seemed really ambitious.

    I finished KH1, but didn't play the other things in the package.

  • Plays so well with a controller. I've fallen out of love with games that require me to rapidly click my character around, so I'm grateful they translated it to a controller - shame the PC version will never see that support.

    I finished the original four acts and was really weirded out when it started the fifth without any fanfare. I feel like they should at least have rolled credits first, or let me back out gracefully and take a breather.

  • I know multiplayer's been broken for ages, but I've been able to enjoy the singleplayer campaign without many issues. A few achievements that still say they're unlocking, a few unceremonious crashes to the dashboard, but those campaigns hold up well, especially at 60Hz.

    I didn't completely re-finish it. I've finished those fights before.

  • Brilliant. Wish I didn't have to use a Wiimote, I wish my accumulated lives carried over between sessions, but otherwise this game is amazing.

    I finished the first four worlds or so.

  • A fun romp. Inventive levels! Didn't blow my mind, but it was incredibly charming. Its multiple false ends were annoying, rather than amusing.

    I finished it.

  • What a weird thing. What a weird thing! The action QTEs aren't great (can't really play with Kinect in my room), but everything else is delicious.

    I didn't quite finish the second episode. I'm sorry.

  • I keep jumping back in every few months; I think I spent over a hundred hours on this last one. I lost my 130+ hour save file back in 2009, and have been struggling to finally finish it ever since. I swear I'll do it one of these days, but until then...this'll be on the list.

    I super almost finished it way back when and still haven't.

  • Weird game. Fun though! I didn't mess with the powers as much as I should've (finite resource, that magic), but the hub world idea was neat and the gunplay was fun. Some obnoxious encounter design, but more positive than negative.

    I finished it.

  • A surprisingly charming (and technically impressive) action-adventure from Toby Gard, it feels a bit like an evolution of the very deliberate design choices made in Tomb Raider 1. Some really bizarre, old-in-a-bad-way level design, but I'd like to spend more time with it.

    I didn't finish it.

  • I didn't care much for it when I played the demo in 2012, but I went back this year and enjoyed it much more. The atmosphere and attitude are vomit-inducing, but the gameplay is solid. It makes me long for Burnout Paradise.

    I didn't finish it.

  • Fun, gorgeous art, cutesy characters. I can see the Zelda comparisons, but I do like being able to jump freely. I don't much care for the mechanics of the Celestial Brush, but it's fine I guess.

    I didn't finish it.

  • I played through Up Your Arsenal, and it was a lot of fun. I don't know that I liked it as much as Going Commando, but it was at least more of something that was already excellent.

    I finished it, with a Platinum trophy.

  • I was having a lot of fun with it until I got to a challenge tower/gauntlet thing that was mandatory to progress. Went back to it months later, found all the stuff, had a blast!

    I finished it.

  • Loads of fun. I hate the base defense parts. Man do the characters/attitude grate on me. Some good writing deeper in, though.

    I can't remember if I finished it or not.

  • Cute, clever, lighthearted fun. I appreciate the lower-stress nature of not having a time limit, though I'm annoyed it still has lives. I'm never close to running out (having only died a few times), but it's an extra layer of stress that doesn't add anything to the experience.

    I finished Act 1 or whatever.

  • It's a Warriors-style game with a coat of Zelda paint. That coat of paint was enough to carry me through the campaign, and let me see what's cool about those games. They need to work on their technical performance, and general design stuff like the way they convey information to the player. I think all of those things are really poorly done.

    I finished it.

  • It was fun/fine/whatever. Using an analog stick was frequently annoying. Satisfying when you're swingin' that Cypher around, though.

    I finished it.

  • A shockingly fun kart racer. It controls really well, the courses are cool, and there's always something new to unlock or level-up. Possibly the best polygonal Sonic game?

    I almost finished the campaign mode on Normal.

  • I should really finish the last couple of episodes. I don't care so much for the part where it's a game, but I'm such a sucker for Fables and other modernized fairy tales that I just like being in the world. As grimy and awful as it is.

    I didn't finish it.

  • Pretty fun. Controls well. I'm not a Mario Kart fan in general, as it's tuned entirely around playing with friends and...that isn't how I play games. I don't care for balance that is "if you can't help yourself, at least screw someone else," which is a core tenet of their design. Cool tracks though!

    I played all the cups on at least one speed tier.

  • The only Project Rainfall game I've spent significant time with, and the one I least expected to enjoy. I'm not sure what it is about it, but I feel compelled to keep going. I love the atmosphere, and even though the MC's relationship with the girl feels like a bit of a chore, there's something there. I dunno. Maybe it just feels kinda like Ico.

    I didn't finish it, I think I got like halfway through but I can't remember.

  • It plays really well, but eventually the monotony of objectives dragged me down and I quit somewhere on...Mars? I think I was about to fly out to the Space Elf fleet. Part of that's no doubt because I played both the "beta" and ""alpha"" all the way through, so I was already 10 hours exhausted on those objectives.

    I didn't finish it, but you already knew that.

  • I've never played any of the tables featured in here (have I ever played real pinball?), but I love the way this feels, and I appreciate the slavish authenticity. Pro tables a must.

    I played all the tables in Season 1.

  • Some of the tables are really boring, but some of them (mostly the older ones) are pretty inventive and charming. I bought a bunch on a sale and had a blast with them.

    I think I've played all but the Marvel tables...?

  • I played this a little at a friend's house when it came out, but I revisited it this year with the intent to finish it. A fun brawler, though not quite as impressive (gameplay or visual) as I remembered. Sometimes it's frustratingly sucky, causing me to break old Xbox controllers, but I'm glad it exists.

    I didn't finish it.

  • Pretty rockin'. Finally got around to playing it, and it's really satisfying when you plan out a path through a floor and execute it perfectly. I think I audibly gasp every time a dude comes out of nowhere and breaks my flow.

    I didn't finish it.

  • I've been playing through Snake Eater, and it's cool. I still don't care much for that time period or any of the characters (prequels, huh?), but the gameplay's fun.

    I didn't finish it.

  • I started this last year, but still played half of it this year before finishing. Good fun! I was able to finish all the sidequests I found under the time limit, which was crucial to me not hating this with all my heart. I'd still prefer no time limit at all, but I realize that's part of this franchise's appeal to crazy people.

    I finished it.

  • Went back to this on a whim (their website kept bugging me and I wanted cards), played on Hard (or whatever it's called), really enjoyed it. Especially in contrast to RE6. The dodge mechanic is really poorly done, but a good idea. I hope Revelations 2 pulls from this and RE6 intelligently.

  • I realized too late that the main reason I enjoyed the "beta" was because no one else knew how to deal with pilots riding their Titans, so my eight hours of pilot-on-titan massacre did not translate to the final product. A lot of fun to play, but I just don't care about multiplayer at all so I quit once I saw both "campaigns."

    I finished the campaigns.

  • A totally competent, if largely uninteresting Halo-style shooter from back when they made those. Played the PS2 version back in the day, which is significant because that version has co-op. The Xbox version I've been playing doesn't, nor does it support the Xbox's native progressive scan mode. Many baffling choices!

    I didn't finish it.

  • I did not enjoy this as much as I did XIII. Some of the changes they made were interesting, but the way they handled sidequests was particularly annoying. Also, I didn't like the way they handled character levels, since you could easily miss out on points you could never get back. I dislike systems with a single optimal build.

    I finished it.

  • Not as good as other Ninja Gaidens. I should really play the initial release to properly compare it, as I've only played the demo of that one. I think most of the new stuff they tried wasn't great, but you occasionally get those same moments where you're flying around the battlefield executing dudes with lethal precision and avoiding death by the barest whisker.

    I didn't finish it.

  • Playing through on PC, I think a lot of the frustrations people have had are ameliorated by M+KB and 60Hz. The way your character moves around is...awful, like they're drunk and hyper at the same time. The QTEs suck, but I largely felt able to handle them - even the rope climbing one. Thanks, keyboard? Questionable design choices, and it feels like the chapters last forever.

    I finished Leon's campaign.

  • Fun times. Was somehow not as compelled as I was by Trials Evolution. That frickin' song.

    I didn't play all the courses.

  • Neat game. Played mostly with podcasts/whatever in the background.

    I finished it.

  • Very pretty, plays better than the other two, but it all seemed so...boring. Also, Delsin's kind of annoying, despite my enduring love of Troy Baker. At least it doesn't overstay its welcome.

  • I though the Subspace Emissary mode was conceptually cool. Most of the levels/fights were boring/bad, but I love that they tried. Disappointed they didn't even try in the WiiU one.

    I didn't finish it.

  • I actually enjoyed this more than I did when I played the demo back in the day. Something clicked this time around with the combo chaining, and I had a bit of fun with it. Still largely boring/bad level/encounter design, but the experience was not entirely without merit.

    I finished it.

  • This game is bad in broad strokes, but I kept playing anyway. I'm not sure why. Weirdly hard, I kind of wanted to go back and S-rank it.

    I finished it.

  • It was fine, I guess. Controlled way better than Killzone 2, more interesting missions/environments.

    I finished it.

  • Swings between "completely baffling" and "kinda cool." Feels like a billion years long, but my Steam profile says I only played six hours. Got to what I felt like was the end but WHAT A TWIST IT WAS ONLY THE BEGINNING.

    I didn't finish it.

  • What a weird thing. Couldn't figure out the elephant.

    I played for hours and have no idea how much of it I've actually completed.

  • Shame about those stealth/combat sequences.

    I didn't finish it.

  • Cool idea, awesome style. I just wasn't as compelled to go back through the random generation as I thought I would be. I finished it once and didn't go back in, which I don't think was the idea.

    I finished it, but like I said, only once.

  • Man, what a frickin' mess. It was just so boring. Like, there were some good setpieces, the action was fairly one-note, and the narrative was such a complete yawn. The last mission was kind of cool. Lot of cool visuals.

    I finished it.

  • When this game actually works and you're pulling off counters and charging your chi and blasting dudes away with frickin' boulders, it feels awesome and magical. Until you get stunlocked and dead and have to go back like thirty minutes to the last checkpoint. But even if you don't, there isn't much here beyond repetitive combat arenas and frustrating not-quite-endless running segments. Things get better near the end, simply because you have more abilities available to you. It doesn't help that you're encouraged to make things even harder on yourself by the offer of XP/money multipliers to reduce your health/attack strength. Overall, it feels like a pale imitation of Platinum's better work.

    I finished it.

  • I think I played a demo of it back in the day, and thought I was picking up what it was putting down. After playing significantly more of the full thing...I was not. The combat system and encounter design are tragically simple and repetitive, and the show's window dressing doesn't do much to spice it up.

    I didn't finish it.

  • I hate the way this game plays. I hate the movement, the physics, the levels, everything. It's cute and charming, but I can't stand playing it. I hear this is just how old Mario games played, and if so...what a bummer.

    I played through half of it, then a friend finished while I watched. He thought it was fine/whatever.

  • I hated everything about Watch_Dogs and stopped playing a few hours in. Garbage.

    I didn't finish it.