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My favorite games of all time! Ranked from my #1, downwards.

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  • This game is simply gigantic. Which so many worlds, characters, and things to do, it kept me entertained for literally over 100 hours- and that's why it's my personal favorite game of all time.

  • The first game I ever played. I'll be forever grateful for everything that Ocarina of Time introduced to me: story, puzzles, action, music, graphics... everything a great game needs.

  • I'd never have thought I'd love a platformer as much as I love Rayman Origins. I'd thought my old friend Rayman dead and gone, but lo, he returned with the most beautiful, addictive, and overall excellent experience of 2011!

  • I own Melee, and therefore, I love it. Whether you've got some pals or you're playing alone, it's one of the best, and most unique, fighting games ever.

  • I freaking LOVED Super Mario Galaxy, but the sequel was somehow even better in every way. I was super-happy to see Yoshi back once again, and the entire game was more experimental, with a lot of incredibly creative platforming challenges. This is Mario at his very best.

  • Spooky, disturbing, and completely impossible to put down, Resident Evil never let me off the edge of my seat. There's a nice balance between battling enemies, solving puzzles, and doing simple exploration work, all things that I enjoy- plus, the graphics are gorgeous!

  • This has personal nostalgia for me, because the Game Boy Advance version was the first game I ever bought with my own money, and I loved it! Of course, any version of the game is legendary. It's massive, perfectly balanced, perfectly designed, and overall, a damn good product.

  • Damn, this game is fast! You'll need the reflexes of a coked-out rabbit to handle all of the madness that F-Zero GX throws at you- and that's when you're still ignoring the crazy gorgeous visuals (for a game that's nearly ten years old!) and rockin' music. There were F-Zero games before this one, and there will hopefully be more after this one, but none will ever top GX.

  • I played this endlessly in my young boy years. It's a little outdated these days, but I still get a real nostalgic kick out of it. It's well-designed for an early 3D game, and honestly, I could spend hours just listening to the wonderful music.

  • I love open-ended action games, and this one is among the best ever! Sure, the story is excellent, but I honestly prefer to just wander the countryside and admire the beautiful scenery. That, and play some badass multiplayer!

  • I spent years playing this game back in the day. It's not quite expansive as its successors, Donkey Kong 64 and Banjo-Tooie, but it's platforming goodness condensed into its purest essence. I can't get enough!

  • Best Sonic game on the Genesis. The music is great, the graphics are great, the levels are great... everything is great! By the way, pretend that I'm talking about Sonic 3 & Knuckles, NOT the vanilla Sonic 3. The Lock-On Way is the Only Way.

  • I'll never get tired of Sonic Adventure 2! I played this one more than any other during my youth, and I can't find a single thing wrong with it. Colorful graphics, great level design, catchy music, lovably cheesy dialogue (coupled with a surprisingly interesting story- probably the only one in the whole series), and a hell of a lot of variety and depth- looking at you, Chao Garden! After ten years, I still pop this game in basically once every other month!

  • I wasn't fond of this game as a kid, with its huge breaks away from Ocarina and its high level of difficulty, but it's grown on me. I love its freaky atmosphere and inventive style of play.

  • One of the best 2D platformers ever. This was one of the first PS2 games I ever owned, and up until I got the sequel, it was my favorite. Sure, it's a bit easy, but it makes

  • RE4 is scary, but not in the way its predecessors were- while the prior games were all about anticipation, and the knowledge that there could be ANYTHING around the next corner, 4 is about holding on for dear life, as hundreds of enemies come forth to take you down. This game freaked me out quite a bit, but that's the name of the game, isn't it?

  • Here's another one that grew on me- because, when I was a kid, I was TERRIBLE at this game. Once I figured it out, its genius was revealed to me. Metroid Prime is a beautiful game, even by the standards of today, and the sheer detail of its world is a wonder to behold. And, of course, it's pretty fun, too.

  • The best Zelda there is! I was sad to see my Gamecube go, but this made for a great exit (yeah, yeah, Wii port blah blah blah). Great story, great graphics, great music, great puzzles and dungeons, and everything somehow feels fresh and new despite the age of the series.

  • Easily the absolute best Pokémon game. Every flaw, and every minor complaint, that people have ever had about this series, has been addressed and corrected. I have no idea where Game Freak will go from here, because Generation V is Pokémon perfected.

  • This is one of my favorite FPS's of all time. It's one of the early games made by Bungie, and it's almost as good as Halo! The single-player mode is lengthy and exciting (even if the plot makes zero sense), and there's a huge array of excellent multiplayer modes. My Dad's been playing this game since it came out, and he hasn't tired of it yet!

  • Sonic 2's a real treasure. It's a reasonably long experience, with great level designs, a fun-filled atmosphere, unfathomably catchy music and a really good (but not especially high!) challenge. I can't find much to complain about here.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know this isn't a "real Mario game" and all that noise. I don't care! As far as I'm concerned, this absolutely IS a Mario game- because only a Mario game is worthy of this kind of polish and clever design! Besides, without it, we'd be without our beloved Shy Guys and Bob-Ombs. And do YOU want to live in a world like that?

  • If you grew up in the late 90s, chances are you had this game, and I was no exception. I loved it then and I love it now- even if, today, it's been usurped by its successors. Gotta Catch 'Em All!

  • Can you say "addictive"? Way before they brought us GTA, DMA Design stumbled upon the perfect puzzle game when they created Lemmings. I spent hours trying to get through every level- and I wasn't always successful; there are still a couple puzzles that I still have yet to figure out! Plus, the music - which I always have a soft spot for - is great.

  • I've probably completed every single level of Star Fox 64 more than 100 times. It's not even a case of wanting to beat my high score- it's a case of wanting to experience this astonishing collection of shoot-em-up galleries just ONE more time. And, of course, the voice acting is classic. Do a Barrel Roll!

  • I remember freaking out over this game before release. A Star Fox game?! Developed by RAREWARE?! Sign me up! Sure, it didn't have much to do with the past Star Fox games, but who cares? It's still got Fox in it! And when I got it for Christmas that year, Star Fox Adventures didn't disappoint. Fun gameplay, pretty graphics, a well-developed world... it's a treat.

  • Is this really a surprise? Everyone loves Super Mario Bros.! I've loved this one since the day I first played it. And the best part is, despite its age, it's never stopped being fun, and it never will.

  • I got my Super Nintendo several years ago, but this game sat on my shelf for several more months after I got it. BIG mistake- this is a fantastic, expansive adventure, one that- in a rare case, for me- I want to play again and again.

  • Real-Time Strategy games are one of my favorite genres, and this is my personal favorite of them all. The three separate pantheons each have their own unique play style and units, and are perfectly balanced- no one is better than any other. It's a tad on the difficult side (maybe I just suck), but that doesn't stop me from having fun.

  • One of the best racing games ever! When my wee self came home from seeing Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in theaters, I dreamed of being a Podracer pilot, and this game gave me the chance. Sure, the later levels utterly destroyed me with their difficulty, but even that couldn't distract me from the perfect controls and light-speed gameplay!

  • The single-player in this game is merely okay, but I'm willing to forgive it completely, all thanks to the multiplayer. It's one of the most fun multiplayer games out there- switching between on-foot, Arwings, and Landmasters makes for some crazy fun, and taking down your opponents is satisfying as hell.

  • This was among the first games I ever beat completely- and that's because it's super easy. But it's the good kind of easy! Even if you're never really challenged in a big way, you still have fun just running through the levels. That makes it a great kids' game, too!

  • When Nintendo EAD finds a new genre to work with, you'd better believe they're going to make it their own. And with Pikmin, they did! Taking the Real-Time Strategy genre and splicing it with some of their tried and true action and puzzle solving, Nintendo made a great little game for the Gamecube that I'm still fond of. Now if only it had some multiplayer, unlimited days, challenge levels, more Pikmin types...

  • Hey! There we go! Pikmin 2 is just amazing. The world is incredibly expansive and in-depth (check out the in-game Piklopedia, it's astonishing in its attention to detail), and the game play is a never-ending blast.

  • A phenomenal fighter! I dreamed about playing this games several years before I actually did (it being made by my favorite developer, Rareware), and once I did play it, I adored it! It's got a great battle system, fun atmosphere, and some sweet music. One of my favorite fighters.

  • And on the subject of my favorite fighters, this game here is another one! The battles are as classic as a fighter can get, there's a very good balance between all the characters, and the graphics are drop-dead gorgeous (as are all the girls, ho ho!)! I can't recommend this game enough.

  • A good puzzle game is one you never want to put down, and I still don't want to put down Dr. Mario! I still pop this guy in every month or so!

  • Always a blast to play. Tetris may be the perfect video game, because I will never tire of it and never want to put it down.

  • An awesome action game! There was a cabinet of TMNT at my local Chuck E. Cheese's, and I played it more than any other game (if I even played any of the others!). It's just some mindless beating of bad guys, but sometimes, that's good fun- especially with my friends!

  • Surprised? So am I. Sure, licensed games are notorious for being almost ubiquitously wretched, but Battle for Bikini Bottom is so good, it's not even the nostalgia talking- I love this game just as much now as I did then! It helps that it's a straight 3D platformer released during the genre's waning days.

  • I only got this game because my mom accidentally bought it for my sister, confusing it for the girl version (Another Wonderful Life). For some reason, rather than trading it in for the correct game, she just bought it again and gave the boy version to me- waste not want not, I guess. Good on her! This is both a great farming simulator, and a nice little faux-RPG. I also credit this game for introducing me to the idea of girls being desirable.

  • This game is a lot more dated than its successor (*predecessor* on the Gamecube, oddly enough), Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, but I loved it just as much as a lad, and it's still pretty fun. The levels are well-designed and the Chao are always a blast, even if they're in a less advanced stage in this game.

  • If you can't tell, I loved Sonic as a kid! I wasn't as fond of this game as its two successors, because it's a bit more difficult and is slower-paced, but it's still Sonic- so I still couldn't put it down.

  • Of course, we all played Guitar Hero back when it was popular, and can you blame us? It's a great game! Though the series is admittedly mostly a collection of expansion packs, I'd still say that III is the best of the bunch, if only because I personally played it the most.

  • This was my first racing game, and among my absolute favorites. I'd go into detail about what I love about it, but I don't think I really have to- all I have to say is, "everything".

  • Whenever I get some relatives or friends together to play NSMBWii, we always have a blast. It's frantic, frenetic chaos, and it disorients you without confusing you. Giving Mario multiplayer was the best idea ever!

  • Another classic Mario adventure. By the time of the 16-bit era, the Super Mario formula was mostly set in stone, and the only real enhancements that World brought to the table were Yoshi, item stacking, and better graphics- but when it's a formula as perfect as Super Mario, do you really want a lot of tweaks?

  • THE best game on the PS2. Bar none. It takes the platforming goodness of the first game, fuses it with the car-jackin' gameplay of GTA - along with some lovably irreverent T-rated humor - and overall makes for an incredible experience!

  • When I heard that Chrono Trigger was coming to the DS, and I'd finally be able to play this legendary game, I freaked out. I made sure to get it on Day One- and my expectations were met in every way! Sure, it's easy, but if it were hard, you wouldn't be able to progress through the story very quickly, and with a plot as amazing as Chrono Trigger's, you don't want that! This is, indeed, The RPG of the Ages.

  • When I heard the beautiful "Terra's Theme" begin to play in the first few minutes of Final Fantasy VI, my very first thought was, "Oh my god, this is gonna be the greatest game ever made." And it was definitely one of them. Go play it, and see for yourself.