My 2017 GOTY List

So, since we are again at that time of the year, let´s go. The list features game I played in 2017 (of course), but might no be from 2017 (they might be a port to steam or something in my back catalogue).

List items

  • I long waited for this game, it hard to talk about it, since its better without any spoilers, but what I can say it - it was worth the waiting (and dodging the spoilers), it my favorite game of this year.

  • Total Warhammer I was already a amazing game, maybe the total war which I played and finished most campaigns, so could this game be even better? the answer is a loud yes - the more unique factions, the vortex campaign, the music, everything is amazing.

  • Look, this game is just perfect, go play it and see it by yourself.

  • So I had this one for a while, but this year I finish it, and I have to say, it maybe one of the best JRPGs outthere, serious, go play it, is totally worth.

  • You might heard a lot about this one, since it came to steam this year, I can confirm, yeah, this is amazing visual novel, go play it.

  • Ok, this one is a curious case - might not be perfect, but, it feel so unique, specially in the aesthetic, where tries a lot to resemble to shoujo aesthetics with the pastel colors and delicated characters.

  • Very good Jrpg and dungeon crawler.

  • Like I said above, for Lost Dimension, this one is a bit GOTY for both 2017 and 2018, it is a very good game.

  • This one, along with Tokyo Xanadu ex+, came out in the very end of the year, but they might by worth begin my GOTY for both years. I had heard about Lost Dimension, specially the whole betrayer and judgement/trails, but it play way better that I expect.

  • A very unique visual novel with very curious mechanics.