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User review which I have written for Undernauts - #review #gamereview

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Valorian Endymion's GOTY 2022 List

So, I guess it that time of the year. I am taking a break from Pixiv Fantasia (a collaborative art event which runs on Pixiv), since I just posted a new art to bring my GOTY list.

Honorable Mentions:

Warhammer 40K - Chaos Gate: Demonhunters

Brigandine: Legends of Runersia

Field of Glory II: Medieval

Chaos; Head Noah

Later on, I might write a blog post too.

List items

  • Before this I had only played Dark Souls I on pc and I mean the first version, not the remaster. Anyway, I did love this game, can't wait for the actual dlc.

  • Despite the rough launch, there is no game like this, not on this level or scale, specially with the Immortal Empires.

  • This was a long waited game, and it was worth the wait. While some aspects might need more work, specially wars, the rest works really well.

  • You want a modern take on the Wizardry genre of dungeon crawlers? Because Undernauts is exactly that and maybe one of the best dungeons crawlers from Experience Inc.

  • Look, I got this when I preorder Fatal Bullet (which was my GOTY in previous year), but know what? Despite being a very clumsy game, it is full of ambition, that often never really pays off, but still... I enjoyed a lot more that I would expect.

    My plan this year was between all the light novel which I'm readying, and one cosplay later, to pick up on Lycoris, but I decided to wait and instead go in order, so I played this one first.

  • 4X is tricky genre, specially the Civ style of 4X, see how Humankind tried. But Old World, manages, between the focus on a particular period of time and on characters, to become unique. Also, the soundtrack is amazing.

  • After all those years... It is harvesting season... jokes aside, this sequel to Warband (well more like a prequel), despite some rough edges and some parts being not so good, Bannerlord is a game without equals when it comes to battles.

  • Want a Morrowind style of cprg with unique visuals and setting? Then keep an eye in this game, because it is amazing.

  • Amazing narrative based game with gorgeous sprite art. I really recommend.

  • Do you remember the battle scenes in Excalibur (1981) with guys in shining armor clumsily trying to bash each other? Chivalry II is kind like that, but better.