Craig's All-Time Favorite Games

Maybe not the best games, but ones that for whatever reason mean and meant a lot to me.

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  • Played this from its beginning, created by two people (Gooseman, Cliffe)Half-Life mod. I preferred the realism of this mod to the others around at the time, it was simple yet totally addictive. I even went so far as designing some maps and joining a clan. We hosted our own game servers on the jolt network [Cult Gaming], I still game with some of the guys now. I think I played this game for about 4 years, past CS Source.

    I drop in now and again for a quick blast and get my arse handed to me. Fav maps. Italy, Dust and Office. Also one which had a swimming pool and house in it, started out dropping off from a helicopter.

  • Played this loads on the Atari 800xl, great competitive action. Adored the music and brilliant multiplayer. Gameplay still holds up well today, this game was the reason that I got an 800XL.

  • Great platformer with mega music, fun and original level designs, tough yet addictive gameplay. Your jumping had to be pixel perfect, else you would be killed by a man eating toilet. I played this for hrs, days, weeks and months after school. Trying to get further than may mates, comparing stories of our deaths and progress at school. Those days the ZXspectrum ruled....

  • I went through a stage when all i played were fps, HL2 is a masterpiece. It should all that followed what was expected, and therefore making most the them seem soul less. I waited years for the sequel, read all the stories about the code leak, but i had faith and holy crap did it deliver. I had it preloaded via steam and was at work when the news broke that the game activation was live. I just jump from my desk and left, ramming across the m62 to home (my mates flat that I was living in at the time). I played the first night of hl2 gaming with several other friends over roger wilco, chatting as we played. GREAT TIMES

  • ZXSpectrum

  • It was the days of the pc 486 days, we managed to get hold of some network cards and setup a IPX network. Hooked up 5 pcs and was blown away. Doom started my pc upgrade addiction. I even got into trouble at work once for setting up a doom network whilst working one bank holiday. Looking out the window, looking for my next victim, great times. I still play the hanger music today on my ipod, whenever I hear it I just want to get the shotgun out and kill some ugly demon monsters.

  • Why did I like this game so much, maybe the fun characters, or catchy tune . No it was because of the feel of the game, the control of the jet ski. At this time I had never tried the real thing, but this just seemed to give me that true feel. I felt that i was riding the wave, skimming on the top of the wave. Add awesome competitive AI and this was also the first time I remember sun flair in any game. I enjoyed the game so that, that I completed it on nin64 and on pc with an emulator .

  • Although I adored the sequel, the impact on playing the first uncharted with no expectations was a delight. I played it right through, so taken by the story and the amazing funny as hell characters. I was so impressed that the next day I wrote a letter directly to the developers to saying how much i enjoyed their game. If the world was fair, than Uncharted series would sell around 15million units each. A++ game, from a A++ developer. I am also intrigued on the development methodology they adopt., sounds rad and seems to delivery excellent results.

  • completed many times, on xbox 360 and PC. This game changed my taste in games. And made me remember that challenge is good, and something i need

  • Arcade Machine, my fav

  • loved the world they created, and the sound effects. YEAHHH

    I bought a dual speed cdrom for this game. think it cost me £150 at the time, and i got it trade from Dennis

  • Andrew Braybrook is a shump wizard, this commodore 64 classic just never got boring. It's fantastic music and 'just one more try' gameplay. LOVE IT, BIG TIME Hard as hell as well..

  • ZXSpectrum

  • I can't remember if it was Premier Manager 1 or 2, but I played this tons with my mates on the amiga. about 1992ish. A group of us used to stay at my mates and just play right through the night until the next morning. No sleep, just seasons for us. Some epic battles, which we still brag about. We did move onto championship manager, but this one just pips it. Also shout out for Football Manager on the ZXspectrum by Kevin Toms, spent many a school holiday with that classic.

  • Amiga , fast and unforgiving. LOVE IT

  • 3 yrs of pure gaming awesomeness. End game content is on another level, so addictive and heart pounding. Made some great friends, still lark together now

  • SWOS, Amiga days. This and Speedball 2 must have created the most agreements, fights and sweat than any other title (apart from track & field with sweating maybe and blisters). But SWOS was the ultimate footy action game, also a really clever control system is hidden. When you play it more, you learn to control the flow and create some awesome movements, passes and goals. Nearly breaking the joystick to give the shot a bit of after touch spin. I was bending the ball like beckham, before he even played in the premiership.

  • loved it in the arcades and on any port I could play, the fast pace of the game play. Even today i am chasing my high score on my MAME cab. Also looking out for an original arcade unit. 'Three warps from Uranus' makes me smile every time I read it. THIS GAME HAS SUCH A CATCHY SOUND BYTE

  • ZXSpectrum

  • Rtype Aracde game, played this on so many platforms and arcade, adore it

  • C64 The reason I moved from zxspeccy to the C64, played this at a friend's house between a group of us. So much fun and the animation seemed so smooth, live like. During one session the c64 powerbrick stop working, I was introduced into the world of tinkering about 10mins later when i took it apart and plug it into the wall socket direct. I woke up at the other side of the room, after getting a massive shock. But the power brick began to work, and we continued to play the game all night. And i from that point tried to fix anything that broke (I even do today rr0d says hello).

  • Classic, a go to title. Addictive as hell and still play it now on mobile

  • Great tactical sports game, even created our own plays.

  • Easily my favorite JRPG, mature story and great gameplay.

  • ZXSpectrum

  • This and Gyruss are the two games that get most play on my mame cabinet, cant remember playing it outside of the arcades. Although I am currently trying to get hold of a pc engine to play the port. The bonus round is just a classic.

  • JSRF and this was the reason to get an xbox, epic shump with some great sequences. Weird enough, although i have played a lot of shumps (we called them shoot 'em ups) in my day. I was just never that good at this game, but it didnt stop me from trying

  • Great times with the family. Kids smiling, grandparents bowling. Me smashing the ceiling light whilst trying to smash a tennis ball

  • took the week off work to play this, multiplayer mayhem. Loved it. larking coop at my mates with a few others. My mates entire troops getting nukes as his army was stealthed, one of the funniest moments ever. and just seeing his mouse flying out of the room he was in. and smashing against a wall :)

  • This game for me, was the reaon I used to switch on my xbox360 in the early days. Chasing the scores, love it

  • Something about this game just Clicked, loved the story and characters. With wolfenstein like solid fps controls

  • The first MGS i played, and was hooked. great story and amazing world

  • One of the best trailers ever, so excited about this game. and it so delivered. Loved both single and multiplayer.

  • Had a blast on JSRF, fun and just a lark. Skating about, spraying everything that moves and trying to make impossible jumps/tricks. The art style was unique (for that time) and had a great catchy soundtrack . I wasn't playing must console gaming at this point, but JSRF gave my something I couldn't get from the pc. From memory it seemed to get really hard later on, so much so that i never completed it. Fail on my part.

  • doing doughnuts in PGR on the 360, YESSSS

  • with the big controller, the experience of playing this game is just EPIC. I want, need more unique controls

  • What an awesome use for the camera, worked so good. Had such a great time larking with the kids on this. Only downside, they took charge of the 360 for months once they got into this