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    Rambi the Rhino

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    Rambi is one of the animal buddies from the Donkey Kong Country series. His first appearance was in Donkey Kong Country on the level "Jungle Hijinks". Riding him allows you to plow through enemies.

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    Rambi the Rhino is one of the many Animal Buddies that first appeared in Donkey Kong Country, and is the first one you meet. He can bash through enemies with one hit, or by jumping on top of them. Rambi can also barge through breakable hidden doorways to find secret passages. 
    In Donkey Kong Country 2, Rambi is also the first Animal Buddy you come across. He functions the same as in the first DKC, but now has a super move, allowing him to charge at great speed through any enemies that stand in his path.  
    Rambi also appears in  Donkey Kong Country Returns, where he can now break through objects, take down enemies, and find secret passages. 


    In Mario Kart DS, Donkey Kong's first car is called Rambi Rider.

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