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Overview (EverQuest)

The Fool's Gold
The Fool's Gold

Rivervale is where Norrath's halflings call home. While halflings are generally laid back, they will often surprise those not welcome in the town with their ferocity. The city is safe for those friendly with Bristlebane's children thanks to the masked deputies patrolling town, except for maybe when Mangler, the crazy guard dog, gets loose. Overall, the city is protected quite well, not just by the sheriff's deputies, but by the granite mountains descending from High Pass and the Wall of Serilis built outside in Misty Thicket. Although Mayor Gubbin is the richest halfling that ever lived and runs the city's day to day affairs, many would tell you that Beek Guinders, the High Priest of Mischief, is the city's true leader. Guinders and his clerics maintain the Abbey of Mischief and he is the one who represents the halflings in foreign affairs.

Unlike most societies, the rogues of Rivervale are highly regarded. The Fool's Gold tavern sits in the center of town and serves as the guild house for these rogues, which is run by Lendel Deeppockets. A farm on the east part of town is maintained by the halfling druids of Karana. Many travellers come to Rivervale for a taste of these druids' famous jumjum, whether it be in the form of smoke, juice, pastries, or whatever the special of the week is. The northern part of the village features a lake which is fed by a stream rolling off the mountains of High Pass. Many residents can be found fishing these waters on any given afternoon.

Neighboring Zones

Starting City


  • Circle of Unseen Hands
  • Deeppockets
  • Guardians of the Vale
  • Mayor Gubbin
  • Merchants of Rivervale
  • Priests of Mischief
  • Storm Reapers

Guild Halls

Guild NameClassesGuildmasterChurch
The Abbey of MischiefClerics, PaladinsBeek Guinders (CLR)
Kaya Cloudfoot (PAL)
Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane
The Fool's GoldRoguesLendel Deeppockets
Leatherfoot HallWarriorsSheriff Roglio
Tagglefoot FarmDruids, RangersMegosh Thistlethorn (RNG)
Reebo Leafsway (DRU)

Commerce & Crafting

Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
Bobick's BoatsFood, General SuppliesFishing
The Fool's GoldAlcohol, Cloth ArmorBrew Barrel, Loom
Kevlin's GearLeather Armor, Chain ArmorTailoring, Smithing
Kizzle's Jum ShackPotionsAlchemy
Mayor's HousePottery Wheel, Kiln
Rantho's WeaponryWeapons
Southwest VillageFletching, SmithingPottery Wheel, Oven
Tagglefoot FarmFoodForge, Oven
Town HallBank, General Supplies
Weary Foot RestGeneral Supplies
The WheelhouseBagsFishingVale Forge


Notable NPCs

Mayor Gubbin & Sheriff Roglio
Mayor Gubbin & Sheriff Roglio

Overview (EverQuest II)

Map of Rivervale
Map of Rivervale

Rivervale mostly survived the Shattering, but the once peaceful city had other problems. During the Age of Destiny, the halflings' homes and farms were overtaken succubi, nightbloods, and other such demons. Many of the halflings themselves have survived, but have been corrupted and no longer welcome any visitors. Some of the famous landmarks recognizable from the Age of Turmoil are still standing, but venturing into the area is highly inadvisable for unseasoned adventurers. Anyone who spends time in the taverns of the Baubbleshire will likely hear hardy halfling warriors, rogues, and clerics planning attempts to redeem Rivervale. No such expeditions have been successful.


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