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    Kithicor Forest

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    Kithicor Forest is a thick, wooded region between the Serpents Spine Mountains and The Commonlands. It was the site of a horrific battle that has left a curse on the area after nightfall.

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    Kithicor Forest
    Kithicor Forest

    Kithicor Forest can be a hunting ground for young halflings from the neighboring Rivervale, or it can the scariest place on Antonica. While the sun peeks through the towering trees, relatively harmless beetles, bats, and an occasional bear roam the forest. But when night falls, an army of undead rise from the earth terrorizing even the most experienced adventurers. The forest is named for a legendary human ranger who once single-handedly defended the woods from an army of dark elves who were attempting a take over of Highpass. Several settlements of rangers can be found through the area and are one of the only places for rangers to train their skills in all of Antonica.

    The undead are forgotten souls from a great war that took place in these woods when the dark elves waged war against a coalition of humans, dwarves, and elves. The dark elves were led by Laarthik K'Shin, a highly decorated Neriak warrior, and his pupil, Lanys T'Vyl, the daughter of Innoruuk himself. The forces of good were led by Firiona Vie, the celebrated champion of Tunare. When it was apparent the dark elves would lose, Innoruuk entered the battle himself. When the powers of hate and nature collided, it left both armies devastated. Firiona survived by the grace of Tunare, while Lanys was pulled to the safety of The Plane of Hate by Innoruuk. As a result of the Prince of Hate's interference, a passage was left open for mortals to enter his plane. Laarthik and his undead armies roam the forest in the darkness, preying on travelers large and small.

    Neighboring Zones

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    Kithicor OutpostFood, Water, Wooden Weapons, Arrows
    Southwest VillageFood, Water, Compass, Gems, Spell ComponentsAlchemy

    Guild Halls

    Protector's of the PineRangersKithicor


    Notable NPCs

    • Adjutant D`kan
    • Advisor C`zatl
    • Brigadier G`tav
    • Chief Gan`Shralok
    • Coercer Q`ioul
    • Enraged Dread Wolf
    • Gandari
    • Ged Twigborn
    • General V`ghera
    • Giz X`Tin
    • Ioltis V`ghera
    • Kithicor
    • Laarthik K`shin
    • Leaf Falldim
    • Morin Shadowbane
    • Queen Klaknak
    • Tasi V`ghera
    • Teir`Dal Reaver
    • War Priestess T`zan

    Notable Items

    • Argent Defender
    • Ashenbone Shield
    • Blood Riven Axe
    • Cazic Quill
    • Dreadskin Cloak
    • Edge of the Nightwalker
    • Elegant Darkwood Katana
    • Enchanted Fine Steel Morning Star
    • Enchanted Teir`Dal Great Staff
    • Gem-Encrusted Scepter
    • Griffon Helm
    • Indigo Sabre
    • Ivy Etched Armor
    • Robe of the Ishva
    • Robe of the Kedge
    • Ruined Battleworn Morning Star
    • Runebranded Girdle
    • Scimitar of the Ykesha

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