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    Sasquatch is the bigfoot/yeti character from Capcom's Darkstalkers series fighting games. He is from Canada and is actually easygoing for a Darkstalker.

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    Birthdate: 1903
    Birth place: British Columbia, Canada
    Race: Bigfoot
    Height: 5'5" (166 cm)
    Weight: 397 lbs (180 kg)

    Game Biographies

    Darkstalkers: Night Warriors Revenge

    Snow Hulk


    Leader of an ancient race of snow people, Sasquatch has decided to make the outside world aware of his people.


    His light punch can stop an opponent's dash attack. His Vortex Kick is effective against air attacks, and his dash attack is ruthless. Command the power of ice with the fortress and the blast. The blast, particularly, works well as it freezes an opponent and renders them immobile for a short period of time.

    Darkstalkers 3
    Darkstalkers 3
    Darkstalkers 3

    Mountain Behemoth


    There must be someone who has an evil design.


    With great power, Sasquatch leaps into a shadowy crevice that leads to the Dark Dimension. He doesn't know what fierce battles for his soul are waiting beyond the dark.


    Sasquatch uses his muscle mixed with abilities to control ice. With his strength Sasquatch can not only pummel his opponents with basic kicks and punches but he can also throw them across the screen as well as cause harm with a flick of his massive fingers.
    Sasquatch also has cryokinetic abilities. He can freeze his opponents with his chilling breath, stop in coming aerial attacks by shooting large spikes of ice around him from the ground. Sasquatch also shoots not only snow from his mouth but, can also shoot a freezing beam and disable his opponent for a few seconds.

    Animal Friends
    In Darkstalkers canon there are many beasts or animals from the demon world known as Makai. During Sasquatches Big Ice Burn he freezes the ground and while the opponent slips on the ice. After slipping a Makai Whale breaks the ice with his tail and hits Sasquatches opponent. For Big Sledge, Sasquatch rides the back of his opponent while being pulled by dogs Makai Snow Beasts which look like Sled Dogs. There are also penguin like creatures known as Snowslide Penguins, which appear during Big Resistor M.A.P.S. (Magical Avalanche Penguin Super-units) that hurl themselves at the opponent and blow up.


    Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors
    • If I have to fight weaklings like you, you could at least make an effort!
    Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge
     Victory Pose
    Victory Pose
    • Winning with high health: Your bones break like icicles in springtime.
    • Winning with medium health: I've had knots in my hair that were harder to take out than you!
    • Winning with low health: Not bad for a warmlander. Next time I'll give you a quality pounding.
    • Versus self: Give it up you frost bitten furball! There is only one with the strength of Sasquatch!

    Darkstalkers 3
    Mr. 8th Wonder of the World!
    Mr. 8th Wonder of the World!
    • Don't you get it? You lost.
    • Fight means determination. You lack the pluck to plunge.
    • Haven't you been laughing at me? Who's laughing now? Ha!
    • Hey, elder! Answer if you're around!!
    • I need some bananas. Where is that stupid monkey??
    • I shouldn't fight right after eating. Now, pull my finger!
    • If you are free, would you help me find my friends?
    • I'm in a bad place, but it's OK. Food is all I need.
    • I'm the eighth wonder of the world baby! Love it!
    • Now I can say it, "I have the greatest fangs around!"
    • Say you won't do this again, or I'll beat you again!
    • This heat means nothing to me!
    • Why do you always bother me!> How many times must you lose?
    • You can't bluff, once you've shown your hand! Fool!
    • You know what they say about big feet, right??
    • You've got guts! Come to my village, I'll buy you lunch.

    Endings and Special Confrontations

    Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge Ending
    Literacy rates in the Bigfoot tribe are rather low.
    Literacy rates in the Bigfoot tribe are rather low.
    Random Bigfoot: It's a letter from our leader!
    Random Bigfoot: What does it say?
    Random Bigfoot: Quickly, read it!
    Random Bigfoot: Is it time yet?
    Village Elder: He has defeated them all! He says the humans are weak and that our time has come!
    Random Bigfoot: Yeah!!!
    Village Elder: Gather all the warriors! Have them make ready to invade! We will make our leader proud!
    Village Elder: Soon our armies will sweep across the world!
    Village Elder: We will join our leader together and together we will crush all who oppose us beneath our mighty feet!
    Village Elder: Onward to victory!
    Sasquatch: Aryoooga! Soon they will join me, and then!!!

    Darkstalkers 3 Boss Confrontation
    Sasquatch's boss fight is against Jedah.
    Jedah: Welcome to my spirit room.
    Jedah: I was reborn to save all the souls in the demon world.
    Jedah: I've already invited you friends here.
    Jedah: Are you? Its a great chance for you to be part of me too.

    Darkstalkers 3 Ending
    Sasquatch SMASH!
    Sasquatch SMASH!
    Sasquatch: I won't forgive anyone who tries to hurt my people!
    Sasquatch: Wait for me friends...I'll help you all!
    Sasquatch: Fungaaaaahhh!!
    Random Bigfoot: Sasquatch you're just in time, Jedah invited all of us here.
    Random Bigfoot: Try these bananas. They taste so good!
    Random Bigfoot: Jedah is such a nice guy. He's been so kind!!
    Random Bigfoot: Uwahahahahahahaha!!


    • Sasquatch is voiced by Kan Tokumaru.
    • All of Sasquatches attacks, punches, kicks start with Big.
    • In Darkstalkers 3, Sasquatch has a super taunt were eats a banana and tosses it on the ground for the opponent to trip on.
    • In Vampire Savior, Sasquatch is not fought as opponent for any of the characters special confrontations.
    • Sasquatch was featured in two Japanese Cell phone games titled "Sasquatch Go Home" and "Sasquatch Go Home 2." This game appears to be similar to Chip's Challenge.
    • Sasquatch is the first Canadian fighting game character.
    • The Marvel Character of the same name is part of the Canadian superhero team, Alpha Flight.

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