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    Victor von Gerdenheim

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    The Frankenstein's monster of the Darkstalkers series. He is often portrayed as a big, angry child.

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    Victor in Darkstalkers 3
    Victor in Darkstalkers 3
    Aliases:  Frank according to one of his Darkstalkers 3 win quotes.
    Birthdate: 1830
    Birthplace: Germany 
    Race: Frankenstein
    Height: 8'2" (249 cm)
    Weight: 570 lbs (230 kg)

    Victor's Biography

    Night Warriors Art
    Night Warriors Art
    Victor was created and named after the scientist, Victor Von Gerdenheim. The Professor passed away soon after Victor became animated. Not knowing the professor was no longer alive, Victor came to the conclusion that the Professor didn't approve of him. To solve this problem Victor decided to leave the castle and show the world he was the strongest.
    After he had fought many of the Darkstalkers, he came back to his home. Instead of finding an excited Professor, Victor found Emily who welcomed her as she had recently become activated.
    For many years the two lived happily together until one night Emily stopped functioning. Victor believed that if he went to Jedah's dimension, Majigen, he could collect enough souls to make Emily function once more. In the end he could only give up his own life to bring Emily back.


    About Emily

     Victor and Emily playing in Victor's Night Warriors ending.
     Victor and Emily playing in Victor's Night Warriors ending.
    Emily was Professor Victor Von Gerdenheim's first real experiment and during this experiment he did tests on real human cadavers. Emily was a prototype and as such she couldn't create electricity which was needed to keep her animated. She could only be activated once. The professor was unsuccessful many times before finally reaching a new step in his research by animating Emily. Sadly, Emily could only become alive with the flow of constant electricity.
    Her body could only move for short periods of time but the Professor was more than excited that he was closer to his goal of creating new life. After he worked on Emily the Professor began work on designing Victor, who could create electricity on his own. To allow for this the Professor had to create a bigger body.
    No one knows how Emily became active again and move much like Victor does. It may have been because of the enormous amount of electricity within Victor that flowed into Emily. Emily's body was also able to store this electricity after this accident.

    About the Doctor

    Victor and the Professors Skeleton.
    Victor and the Professors Skeleton.
    Professor Victor Von Gerdenheim, his career and research had all been deemed inhumane or unethical to the council which managed the medical academic research. Many had believed he was even dangerous.
    The Professors key region of study was revival of dead cells, which was a relatively new topic to the medical academy. Many believed the Professor to be weird but soon some began to spread rumors that he was a drug addict or someone who chased after being a celebrity. After these rumors became rampant the council grew suspicious of Gerdenheim. With the power the council held they kept Gerdenheim silent until everyone had forgotten about him.
    The professor didn't do his research to become famous. To him it was more beneficial that society ignored his work. He moved his things to an old hospital in a small country town were he would spend his time in a hidden underground laboratory. His goal was to create life and according to his work; with the right materials and electrical power he might be able to prove his work once and for all. He would go to any length to get the needed materials including chemicals and medicine. The professor had spent 20 years in isolation which eventually drove him mad.
    Before his death he would spend most of his time working on Victor. His writing and research materials became hard to read as he would use mysterious symbols and characters in place of letters. Professor Victor Von Gerdenheim's work on creating life may lie beyond the Darkness.

    About the Professors Works

    Currently, there are only a few pieces and books written by the professor that are left. These pieces are hard to find. The work contained research on reactivation of electromagnetic waves and cells, new boundaries between life and death. Some also included Arkane's Theorem about research that Gerdenheim had done on spiritual energy, the principles of brain wave phenomenon that appears under certain conditions, the future of studying revival and parts one and two of uncut reports done by Professor Lugendreih who was head authority on organic cell research.

    Character Development

    Original Concepts

    One of Victor's concept drawings that was more akin to the Universals Frankenstein.
    One of Victor's concept drawings that was more akin to the Universals Frankenstein.
    Victor's appearance during his creation was largely based on Mary Shelly's Frankenstein and the movie based on her novel that came out in 1931. Victor's appearance during his creation rangers from being heavily influenced by the Universal Studio's 1931 film and more original characters with more of a robotic twist. Most of the retained themes in the concept art were bolts protruding from his head or neck and stitches while others seemed to stray from  this.

    Other concepts

    Concept art of Victor with wires exposed
    Concept art of Victor with wires exposed
    One concept of Victor was of a hunched over bulky creature with wires going from  his back to his shoulders and slightly resembling Bane from the Batman series. Other concepts had featured heavy stitches, some featured bolts that acted to replace the stitches. Others had Victory with a more metal appearance.

    Game Biographies

    Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors

    Darkstalkers Artwork
    Darkstalkers Artwork

    Crusher Corpse


    Victor is the creation of the mad doctor Von Gerdenheim. Although his creator is long gone, Victor struggles to find his place in the world.


    He is slow, yet very powerful. His special throws have long range, and are the most powerful or have additional range by press the buttons longer. His special moves can neutralize projectiles.


    Darkstalkers 3

    The Electric Powerhourse Himself
    The Electric Powerhourse Himself

    Electric Powerhouse


    All souls...return to one.


    Victor thought Jedah's phrase "collecting souls" meant a resurrection of life. He headed to the Dark Dimension, believing his sister Emily would be returned to life after the battles.

    Abilities and Other Attacks


    No Caption Provided
    Victor's attacks rely on his brute strength, electrically infused attacks as well as the massive distortions of his limbs.
    Victor is known as a grapple and thrower, grasping his opponents and squeezing them to cause damage. His attacks can carry an electrical current to increase the damage of his staple attacks. Victor can also discharge electricity and may have more voltage in him than a single strike of lighting.
    When Victor throws a punch or kick his limbs may become intensely enlarged. One odd trait is that Victor can also enlarge his head and slam into his opponents face first.


    Professor Victor Von Gerdenheim and Emily also aids Victor in his battles. During Victor's Gerdenheim 3, the Doctor and Emily appear in ghost form and help give Victor extra power to his attacks. The Doctor also appears in Victor's Dark Force and other attacks.



    Victor in Udon Comics
    Victor in Udon Comics
    Victor makes an appearance on the Pocket Fighter stage, Chinatown Restaurant. He is seen along with other Darkstalker characters but is seen eating next to Bishamon.

    Victor makes an appearance in the Udon's comic story of Darkstalkers. In the issue featuring Victor, he fights against Donovan who doesn't realize Victor isn't all that too evil.



    Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors

     Flexing for the camera
     Flexing for the camera
    • You are no match against my great strength!

    Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge

     Victor is also great at mining for gold!
     Victor is also great at mining for gold!
    • Winning with high health: My great strength is wasted on your great weakness! 
    • Winning with medium health: My power can overcome any challenger!
    • Winning with low health: Your skill and courage do you credit, but my power is without peer!
    • Versus self: A pale imitation is still no match for my great strength!


    Darkstalkers 3

    Victor Wins
    Victor Wins
    • Are you still moving? Next time, I'll break you!
    • Basically I'm stronger and you're weaker!
    • Do you know my nickname? It's Frank!
    • Don't make me mad. You wouldn't like me if I get mad!
    • Don't you want to be part of the team? I could really use you!
    • Emily is not dead. She just needs more electricity.
    • I used to be just bits and pieces, now it's your turn!
    • If I lose, I die. I must win.
    • I'll fight and live, day to day.
    • I'll keep fighting until Emily full recovers.
    • I've just discovered my power. It's electric!
    • People hate violent persons. Emily told me that.
    • The doctor has died, but I'm not sad anymore.
    • Where am I?
    • Why do you fight? Are you afraid of death too?
    • You offer no resistance. There is no fun in that.

    Endings and Special Confrontations

    Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge Ending

    Victor and the dead Doctor
    Victor and the dead Doctor
    • Victor: Doctor, wake up, wake up! You made me the strongest, now I am the champion!
    • Victor: Please wake up, celebrate with me. Why are you so quiet? 
    • Emily: Victor...
    • Emily: Victor, father can not share your joy. The villagers were not kind. But together we must go on.
    • Emily: We must try and carry on father's dream! Come, there is much to do.
    • Emily: However, for now, let's enjoy your victory. Tomorrow we plan but today we celebrate!

    Vampire Hunter Epilogue

     Image of Victor used in his Epilogue
     Image of Victor used in his Epilogue
    • Victor's life with Emily was a quiet and happy one. Even the emotion called "sorrow" that Victor experienced for the very first time with the Professor's death eventually faded away...But this happy time in Victor's life also would not last.

    • Victor: Emily... what's wrong. Emily? Why wont you move? Move!"

    • Victor let his tears fall freely as he held the motionless body of Emily tightly. As it turned out, Emily was another construct that professor Gerdenheim had left behind. Placing Emily on the chair in the laboratory, Victor spent the following days and nights waiting for the storm that would bring him the lighting that he needed...

    Darkstalkers 3 Special Confrontation

     Lilith being observant.
     Lilith being observant.
    Victor's special confrontation in Darkstalkers 3 is against Lilith. To achieve this you must win 3 rounds without losing a battle and win those rounds by performing an EX move. 
    In this confrontation, Lilith mentions losing something. In reality Morrigan had lost Lilith as she was separated from Morrigan.
    • Lilith:'ve lost something important too.
    • Lilith: But it wont come back. I know it.
    • Lilith: Join me and become part of that person...

    Darkstalkers 3 Boss Confrontation

     Jedah seems to enjoy welcoming people to his spirit room.
     Jedah seems to enjoy welcoming people to his spirit room.
    Like most characters in Darkstalkers 3, Victors final boss battle is against Jedah. Jedah talks about making Victor happy even though he's lost the only two people he ever loved.
    • Jedah: Welcome to my spirit room.
    • Jedah: I was born to save all the souls in the demon world.
    • Jedah: Even your grief can be healed once you become part of me.
    • Jedah: You're will be saved by my souls...

    Darkstalkers 3 Ending

    Victor laying down next to Emily
    Victor laying down next to Emily
    • Victor: Dr... It was lighting that made me work...
    • Victor: Why can't it make Emily work too?
    • Victor: ... The lighting is not powerful enough...?
    • Victor: I can generate more electricity than lighting.
    • Victor: If I can sacrifice myself for Emily, I'll do it.
    • Victor: It will make me happy knowing that she is alive!
    • Victor: Wake up...Emily...!!!

    • Having used up all the energy to save her, Victor is silent.
    • But at least he appears to be happy...

    Character Stages

    Darkstalkers: The Nightwarriors and Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenage

    Victor's stage in Germany
    Victor's stage in Germany
    Victor's stage is in the lonely castle where Victor was created, in Germany. Professor Victor Von Gerdenheim's skeletal remains are seated in the chair he died and lightning flashes across the stage. Although this stage has no breakables, after a character wins a round, the ghost Professor Gerdenheim flies across the screen as glass breaks in the background.


    • In the Darkstalkers series, Victor is voiced by Kan Tokumaru. Kan also voiced Bishamon, Sasquatch and Anakaris.
    • Victor's birth year coincides with Mary Shelly's finished version of Frankenstein. He was named after the scientist in the same book.
    • In Darkstalkers 3 there is an alternate version of Victor. To select this alternate for that plays more like his Night Warriors incarnation, move the cursor over Victor, hold select and press any attack button.
    • When Victor is transformed by Anakaris' Pharaohs Curse, Victor is transformed into a baby version of himself holding a doll and a toy. This may be a satire on his child like behavior and some fans believe the doll is meant to resemble Emily.
    • When Victor is altered by Demitri's Midnight Bliss, Victor is by far less altered than other characters in Darkstalkers. He only appears as a muscular girl version of himself.
    • According to one of his Darkstalkers 3 quotes, Victor's nickname is Frank but this nickname is not referenced in any other sources or games and may not be canon.
    • Many of the Darkstalkers Characters have weights that vary, of those who don't; Victor is the 2nd heaviest character in the series. Huitzil is the only one heavier than him.
    • Although Professor Gerdenheim is important to Victor and his story in Darkstalkers, he is never actually seen alive. He makes his first appearance not only in Victor's moves but in his Darkstalkers and Night Warrior stages. On Victor's stage he appears as a skeleton but after the battle is won, he appears as a ghost. This ghost is different from the ghost version of him seen in Victor's moves as the ghost is much taller.

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