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    Seymour Skinner

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    Seymour Skinner is the principal of Springfield Elementary School.

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    Seymour Skinner (born in Capital City as Armin Tamzarian) is the son of Agnes and late Sheldon Skinner.

    Skinner is the Springfield Elementary's School Principal where he councils that he his right to disciplines his students, even for his arch-enemy Bart Simpson where he's been foiled and the victim by his pranks that serves him right to punish Bart to give him detentions. He generally lives with his over bearing and short-tempered mother that abuses him at times Agnes Skinner.

    Before being elected to School Principal, Skinner became soldier like his father of the United States Army where his idendity was changed to Armin Tamzarian as he was born in Capital City where another soldier became Sergeant Seymour Skinner that he stole his identidy for Skinner as he became an imposter in episode The Principal and The Pauper.

    Judge Snyder reveals that Skinner is no longer Armin Tamzarian he was back in Captial City legally changed to his real name Seymour Skinner that Sergeant is no longer taken pity to his identidy and his reign of terror is over.

    Principal Skinner had his love interest to Bart's 4th Grade Teacher Edna Krabappel, since their relationship is torn apart with each other since the wedding.

    Principal Skinner is most well-known for appearing in the "Steamed Hams" sketch of the episode "22 Short Films About Springfield" where he invites Superintendent Chalmers over for lunch only to have his oven burned down and buying hamburgers from Krusty Burger. It became a source of internet memes of the late 2010s.


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