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    Sin & Punishment: Star Successor

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Oct 29, 2009

    Grab a gunsword and charge your way through hundreds of on-screen enemies to escape persecution for something your father did in this sequel to Treasure's N64 cult classic shooter.

    poltergeist13's Tsumi to Batsu: Sora no Kokeisha (Wii) review

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    Have a blast, blasting.

    This may be my fav Wii game to date.  Treasure is great at schmups, and they continue that with S&P Star Successor. 
    I was a bit worried Nintendo wouldn't release this game, since the first Sin & Punishment didn't get a U.S. release. (until Virtual console).  But Nintendo came through and localized this one in all it's glory. 
    You play one of two characters.  Isa (the dude) is more challenging of the two.  The controls are manual.  Karachi  (the chick) is better for beginners or if you rather have auto lock-on.  I found Karachi to be a bit frustrating with the auto lock-on.  Sometimes it really just gets in the way of the action.  You gotta a Wiimote just move where you wanna shoot with Isa.  The better choice in my opinion. 
    Now S&P Star Successor isn't gonna win any graphical awards.  Though not a bad looking game.  Especially during some of the outrageous boss fights.  The color palette is really opened up.  Some of the visuals feel a bit dated though.  Mostly all human(oid) characters. 
    The story doesn't make much sense, and is not really important for enjoying this title.  It's the shooting.  Which is very satisfying.  You're able to play with various controlling methods, but I definately recommend the Wiimote and nunchuck.  I believe this is the way the game was programmed to play.  It just feels right aiming the Wiimote left and right across the screen blasting creatures, soldiers, and other abnormal lifeforms away. 
    This is a super hardcore game only on Wii.  It will challenge your skills as a gamer.   If you own a Wii, this is a must play.  Highly reccommended.  

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            What's going on in the picture? Doesn't matter just shoot it. For fans of the original Sin and Punishment, I can without much hesitation say this: Yes, Star Successor is the sequel you wanted. It blends the the fast-paced action of an on-rails shooter with the twitch-reflex timing of the bullet hell shooter as well as its predecessor. The Wii remote makes a much better pointer than the Nintendo 64's analog stick, and the rest of the controls transfer flawlessly. So if you enjoyed the confi...

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