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Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special is the fifth of eight Super Famicom Fire Pro Wrestling releases, and the ninth title in the entire series. The game was both developed and published by Human Entertainment, Inc., also known for the NES title Kabuki Quantum Fighter, and the PlayStation series Clock Tower. While the game did not stray from the the formula set by the prior Fire Pro Wrestling titles, it is well known for being the first game written by Goichi Suda, better known as Suda51, current CEO of Grasshopper Manufacturer. Overall it was only the second game he worked on, his first being Super Fire Pro Wrestling III: Final Bout, also for the Super Famicom, where he was credited as a director. The story, especially the ending, was considered controversial both during its release and even still today. The title was never released outside of Japan.


Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special, like other releases in the series, focuses on grappling using timing-based mechanics. Wrestlers also have signature moves which are more powerful, but less tactical. Along with the ability to play as and against various unlicensed wrestlers and fighters from around the world, the game also has a story-driven single player mode.


Along with the ability to create characters, a staple of the Fire Pro Wrestling series, the game is filled with unlicensed wrestlers and MMA fighters from around the world, including many WWF and WCW stars. Instead of directly giving these characters their real names, the developers used pseudonyms instead, including Axe Duggan for Hulk Hogan, Macho Sabre for Randy Savage, and Boss Rotten for Bas Rutten.


The single player story has the player as a rookie wrestler working his way up through the ranks. During the journey, he falls in love with the sister of a wrestler named Akira Saeha, based off Akira Maeda from Fighting Network Rings. The road to the championship bout is a struggle, with loss after loss, both inside and outside of the ring, including the player character accidentally killing his best friend during a match.

Before the final battle against reigning world champion Dick Slender, based off real-life wrestler Ric Flair, the player character's girlfriend leaves him. To make matters worse, during the match Slender murders the player character's tag-team partner in the ring, and also confesses to killing his trainer before the fight.

After winning the bout, the player character realizes that he was using wrestling as a means to fight off depression. With nobody left, and no higher to climb, three days later he commits suicide in his home.

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