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    The continent upon which Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn occur, home to Beorc and Laguz.

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    Nation Overview

    The continent of Tellius is divided into the following nations. Beorc, or human, nations, are those ruled by and home to humans, while the laguz nations are home to the humanoid shape-shifters.

    Beorc Nations


    Crimea is home to the Greil Mercenaries and the Crimean royal family. A few chapters into Path of Radiance, the nation is invaded and occupied by the neighboring beorc nation of Daein. After inheriting leadership of the Greil Mercenaries from his father, Ike leads them on a journey to drive Daein out of Crimea and restore the last remaining member of the Crimean royal family, Princess Elincia, to the throne.


    In Path of Radiance, Daein is home to the evil King Ashnard, who leads his army in an invasion of Crimea with the ultimate goal of engulfing all of Tellius in war. Ashnard's beliefs lie in the idea that a man's worth is dictated by his power, and thus grants positions of authority to those he deems the strongest. Daein is staunchly anti-laguz; the Daein wyvern rider Jill explains that the first thing children are taught in her nation's schools is that laguz are evil monsters and deserve to die.

    Following the events of Path of Radiance, Daein comes under the occupation of Begnion, as Crimea, torn apart by the war is unable to exert control of the nation. The Begnion occupation is seen by many citizens of Daein as being unjust and degrading, with the occupying force oppressing the people, rather than helping them rebuild the country.


    Begnion (pronounced Ben-yawn) is the largest and most powerful nation on the continent. Begnion is a theocracy ruled by the Apostle Sanaki, a young girl believed to hear the voice of the goddess, Ashera. Daein and Crimea both were once part of Begnion before gaining independence. The nation has a long history of holding laguz in slavery; a practice that officially ended in the years before Path of Radiance began, but is still secretly practiced among Begnion nobility.

    Twenty years prior to the events of Path of Radiance, Sanaki's grandmother, the Apostle Misaha was assassinated, and the blame was pinned on the laguz nation of Serenes, located within Serenes Forest. Despite the inherent frailty of the herons and their strong hatred of violence, the herons were successfully framed, and the forest was burned to the ground. The Heron laguz clan that dwelled within it was slaughtered, save for a few members of heron royalty that managed to escape. These events would come to be known as the Serenes Massacre, and Sanaki wishes to atone for the tragedy by eliminating laguz slavery from Begnion. After receiving aid from Ike, she rewards him by providing assistance in the war against Daein.

    Laguz Nations


    The nation of feline beast laguz that shares its border with Crimea, Goldoa and Begnion. The Gallian and Crimean royal families had been working to improve beorc/laguz relations between their countries in the years prior to Daein's invasion of Crimea. As an ally of Crimea, Gallia's King Caineghis provides what little assitance he can to Ike, unable intervene in the Crimea-Daein conflict directly due to the still strong hatred between laguz and beorc commoners.


    Goldoa is the home of the dragon laguz clan ruled by the eight-centuries-old Dheginsea, who rules with a strict policy of isolationism, forbidding all foreigners from entering his kingdom whether they be beorc or laguz. Staunchly opposed to becoming involved in war, he maintains this policy as a means to help prevent the seal of the Fire Emblem, Lehran's Medallion, from breaking.


    A mountainous island nation off the coast of the Tellius mainland, Phoenicis is home to the hawk clan, ruled by King Tibarn. Following the Serenes Massacre, Tibarn took in the surviving Serenes Herons: King Lorazieh and Prince Reyson, providng them sanctuary. Because of the Serenes Massacre, the people of Phoenicis and especially its king hold a strong hatred of beorc, particularly those from Begnion, and they frequently engage in piracy against Begnion vessels.


    Another island nation to the east of Phoenicis, Kilvas is home to the raven clan and ruled by King Naesala. Unlike the hawks, the ravens are willing to practice piracy against any and everyone, including other laguz. Naesala frequently sells the services of his forces to beorc nations in exchange for gold, and as a result of his policies, has made enemies of Kilvas all over Tellius.


    A nation not introduced until the events of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Hatari is home to the wolf laguz clan led by Queen Nailah. Hatari is located far to the east of Daein on the other side of the Desert of Death, and as a result the nation had not experienced relations with any other nation of Tellius for generations. Contact is restored after Prince Rafiel of Serenes flees the Serene Massacre and falls unconscious deep in the desert, where he is rescued by Nailah.


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