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    The Italian Job

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Apr 29, 2002

    Help Charlie Croker pull of the most daring robbery in history, in this free roaming driving game for the PlayStation and PC.

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    The Italian Job is a driving videogame based on the events of the 1969 British film, and was released (initially in Europe) in 2001, and later saw a 2002 North American release. It was released on both the Sony PlayStation and PC. It should not be confused with the 2003 game of the same name based on the 2003 Hollywood remake of the film.

    The game is mission based, but also offers some free-roaming elements; you are free to explore the locations as you wish, similar to the approach taken in games such as Grand Theft Auto. The game features 14 different vehicles with locations such as London, Turin and the Swiss Alps to explore as you wish.


    The game directly follows the story contained in the 1969 film.

    It features Charlie Croker as its key protagonist, who has just finished a 3 year stretch in prison. Charlie, now a free man, is offered a job by his associate Mr Bridger; to rob $4,000,000 worth of gold bullion, sent straight to Turin from China. Charlie and his team must avoid the attention of both the police and the Italian Mafia to pull off this daring heist, careful planning is required to ensure that everything runs smoothly, to ensure that the greatest robbery in history is executed without a hitch.



    • The Ambassador's car.
    • Meet Camp Freddie.
    • Peaches for Peaches.
    • Special Delivery.
    • Skilful Bill.
    • Prison Pals.Keeping it up.
    • Big William's ride.


    • Torino Tours.
    • Mafia Mania.
    • Traffic Tape Caper.
    • Interference.
    • Convoy.
    • The getaway.

    Swiss Alps

    • Red, White and Blue.
    • Home Free.

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